Create and investigate your own computer criminal!

Project description
You must make this person up from scratch; do not outline a real person or case. You will invent a cybercriminal, and identify the following information:
1. Name and background (education, family, etc.)
2. Where the criminal lives
3. Where the criminal works
Now, create a fact pattern (narrative) explaining in detail this persons crime or crimes. (Fact pattern is a term used in many areas, especially law. In law, the term fact pattern simply means the true and accurate description of what happened in a crime, or alternatively, events leading to a lawsuit.)
Include the following:
1. How do they do what they do (equipment, funding, etc.)?
2. Under what psychological theories and profiles do they fall?
3. Are they a member of any specific criminal organization?
4. What is their classification, and how are they identified as such (hacker, script kiddie, etc.)?
Next, develop a fact pattern where this person commits their ultimate crime. Walk us through the steps of the crime: how is it carried out, upon whom is it carried out, and what is the ultimate goal of the criminal? Use as much detail as possible. Do they use a virus? Are they infiltrating a company they work for? How? What kinds of systems do they use? What kind of systems do they infiltrate?

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