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Create a logic model on childhood obesity as a part of the public health program evaluation document.

Create a logic model on CHILDHOOD OBESITY as a part of the public health program evaluation document. A logic model presents a picture of how your effort or initiative is supposed to work. It explains why your strategy is a good solution to the problem at hand. In its simplest form, a logic model is a graphic representation that shows the logical relationships between: inputs: resources that go into the program; outputs: activities the program undertakes; outcomes: changes or benefits that result. Effective logic models make an explicit, often visual, statement about what activities will bring about change and what results you expect to see for the community and its people. Having a logic model keeps everyone moving in the same direction, providing a common language and a common point of reference.

The Logic Model should answer these questions:
•Does your organization have adequate resources to implement the activities and achieve the desired outcomes? If you need further resources, is that reflected in your activities?
•Have you included all the major activities needed to implement your program and achieve expected outcomes? Would the activities list enable someone who is unfamiliar with your program to understand its scope?
•Have you expressed your outcomes in terms of change? Have you identified who/what will experience that change, and over what time period?
•Do activities, outputs, and short- and long-term outcomes relate to each other logically (the “if-then” relationship)?
•Does your logic model clearly identify the scope of your program’s influence?
•Have you considered a variety of perspectives? It is a good idea to get feedback from colleagues and stakeholders. (remember, the online logic model builder makes collaboration easy, and gives you a
•Is it visually engaging- simple, yet contains the appropriate degree of detail for the purpose.
•Does it provokes thought, triggers questions.
•Is it meaningful, does it make sense, is it doable, and can it be verified? Does it provide the program description that guides the evaluation process; help match evaluation to the program, help know what and when to measure, help focus on key, important information
•Remember, the logic model is a depiction of the program – evaluation needs to match the program. Tailor questions and indicators to particular program and purpose of the evaluation.
•Match evaluation questions to the program – stage of program development and purpose: improvement, assess worth/merit; new knowledge; compliance
•Are there indicators- determine how we will measure it. What would be the indicators for the outcomes and process variables you have selected? How would you know it?

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