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Create a form that illustrates the use of buttons and textboxes to enter, save, manipulate, and display numeric and/or text data

Create a form that illustrates the use of buttons and textboxes to enter, save, manipulate, and display numeric and/or text data. DOCUMENT THE DESIGN BY WRITING ON HOW YOU CREATED IT. ALSO, THE FUNCTIONS OF THE FEATURES. PLEASE MAKE YOU WRITE A CORRECT CODE. MAKE SURE TO UPLOAD THIS WAY I CAN OPEN. PLEASE DO NOT SAVE THIS FILE IN A ZIP FILE.
You ONLY need to create ONE VB form. Here are some examples for what you can do. OR, you may choose to create your OWN form design. You do not need to Example 1 or Example 2. There are just given to you as examples for what you might want to create. You might have your own ideas instead. If you decide to create your own form design try to use these examples as an example for the level of difficulty or content to be explored and programmed.
Example 1
Create a Windows form with two textboxes and a button. Rename the form and button to “Move Text.” When the button is depressed, copy the text from the first textbox into the second, then clear the contents of the first textbox. Pressing the button again should move the text back to the original box. This will require a variable that will keep track of which box contains the text.
Example 2
Create a Windows form with four textboxes aligned in a vertical column for the input of numbers. There will also be four textboxes for the display of output data and four buttons to choose which function should be applied with the button, labeled “Sum,” “Average,” “Maximum,” and “Minimum.” The user should enter numbers in the top four input textboxes. When “Sum” is depressed, the numbers in input textboxes should be added and displayed in the “Sum” output textbox. When “Average” is depressed, the numbers in the four input textboxes should be averaged and displayed in the “Average” output textbox. Likewise for the “Maximum” and “Minimum” operations.

Rubric Name: Visual Basic Projects

Criteria Level 5
5 points Level 4
4 points Level 3
3 points Level 2
2 points Level 1
1 point
Program meets requirements outlined in the assignment and runs without errors. It doesn’t crash or produce unexpected results. All of the requirements and expectations were followed. The created program resembles the assignment description and requested features. Most of the requirements were implemented but not in the most effective way. There were more efficient ways to create the features in the program that the student should explore for future improvements. A significant amount of the requirements were missing from the implementation. The program did not compile or run. The program craches or is incomplete to the point where it cannot run properly. The required features and functionality was not implemented.
User interface is visually appealing, designed well for the user and follows current standards. The user inerface (UI) was clear and easy to follow. Features were clearly labeled and easy to run. All features were findable in the UI. The user inferface was useable but not intuitive or easy to navigate and use. The user interface did not work or parts were not functional and did not produce the expected outcome. The user interface is not appealing or functional. Components are not created for the necessary interface. The components that are created are missing functionality and do now work. The user interface was not operational.
Best use of Visual Basic Language. The code is straightforward, properly indented, use of white space and proper naming conventions are used for variables and objects. Source code was created in the correct way. The best libraries and utilities were selected and implemented in the complete project source code. Some programming bugs or errors existed in the source code. Parts of the program did not appear to be funcitoning properly. Parts of the program were written in the wrong syntax that was not proper VB or ASP.NET source code. Source code was not functioning as valid source code statements. The program was not written using VB or ASP.NET or related programming language. The program contains little to no programming and the GUI controls do not function with source code given to them. No source code was provided to make the UI work properly.
Overall Score Level 5
14 or more Level 4
11 or more Level 3
8 or more Level 2
5 or more Level 1
0 or more


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