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Construction Safety Culture in Hong Kong and China

Construction Management
Construction Safety Culture in Hong Kong and China
Hong Kong is renowned for its infamous infrastructures and construction schemes. In Hong Kong, construction is a major booster of the economy. With a population of over three and a half million, more than 267,000 people were employed by the construction sector, a figure of over 10 percent of its population. The construction industry earns the country a Gross Domestic Product of 4 percent. However, all that good has got its bad side too. In Hong Kong, there are lax safety standards in the construction industries. The construction projects are the most dangerous ventures when viewed in the prospect of safety standards. As per the figures released by the Occupational Safety & Health Council (O.S.H.C), the level of construction related accidents ranged an unbelievable figure of 30 percent between late 1980s and the early 1990s.Over the last decade, a figure of over 80 percent of the accidents that occurred in the construction sector.
Construction Safety culture in China
In China, there is a kind of swift boom of the construction projects in China which have major significances in the economy of China. Prior to a report that was released by a certain firm, in 2003 there were almost fifty thousand construction companies’ registered ,and almost 400 million jobs offered by they construction industry and approximately 300 billion dollars collected by the Chinese government in revenues.. In the haste, there have been high records of the number of accidents that have been occurring in China. Some figures show that there were more than 2600 cases of severe injuries in 2005 alone. So as to lower the rates of construction accidents, some companies are initiating inventive safety administration plans.
Rationale of the construction safety culture in both Hong Kong and China
Aims and objectives:
The main purpose of this exposition is to look at the classification of the various importances that may be employed by the Occupational Safety and Health Council under the section of Factories and Industrial Ventures Regulation and work out the successfulness by contrasting the expositions with the importances.There are several aims of the exposition namely:
To create awareness regarding the history data about the wellbeing in the construction as in the guidelines and strategies ;to categorize the cause of the fatalities in the construction sector over the past few years ; to assess the successfulness of the control of safety precautions in the construction industry prior to the enforcement of the safety precaution control ;and lastly but not the least, to come to terms with the effective blow of the safety precaution regulations on the construction wellbeing. Hypothesis
The sectors of the Hong Kong and China governments that are concerned with the labour section of the company should be obliged to bring up safety precautions control that we oversee that : the civil builders and contractors adhere to the rules and regulations of safety standards and they have no misconduct ; to guarantee that the construction fatalities are not only spotted but are also brought to the fore; they should guarantee that the fatalities that are brought to the fore are tackled in a good manner ;then to do away with the dilemma of construction fatalities, the construction labour workers should be ‘eye-opened ‘ and it should be seared in their mind s about the meaning of construction safety .There are other safety management practices that may be suggested and recommended to both Hong Kong and China : the recommendation of widespread use of P.T.S. during high heights construction, the Purling Trolley Systems (P.T.S) could be used to avert accidents-the P.T.S are assembled kind of complex trolleys that are then connected to a safety deck that are not fixed and can be fiddle with to the desired gauge as in to varying purling spacings.The Purling Trolley Systems guarantee the slipping away linking the tip of the roofing materials and the trolley ; another safety precaution that can prove to be vital in averting construction accidents is use of Fall Arrest Mats (either soft-filled mats or air-mats)The Arrest mats lessen the free fall speed of the would-be causality and bolster the impact between the hard floor and his body ; Safety Netting(are fastened to the framework of the building when dealing with the perpendicular construction only ) ; Safety Decking (these support the construction worker underneath the construction spot ; Track and Cable-Based fall avert systems (these prevent the worker from going into a dangerous section if they may triple and fall, in most cases the method comes into importance if the construction workers are constructing roofing ledges ; there should be valuable and reliable safety precaution coordination (such as the route supervision of the scaffolds by trained and qualified personnel and also his supervision whether during the moving of them or dismantling and the parts that are worn out or wasted away being changed with the effect from the time that they are spotted.
A SWOT ANALYSIS (SWOT is an acronym that means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
A SWOT ANALYSIS entails: One of them is to determine the factors detailed herein; the strengths that the construction management characterized ,the weakness faced by the construction management profession, the opportunities that the construction management get ,and lastly, not the least, threats that the construction face.

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