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Conceptualizing a Business

When one is conceptualizing about a business, they should do it step by step (Donegan, 2002). The first step is to define the vision of the business and formulate a mission statement which will guide n running the business. The second step is to on the target clients and the source of funds to be used in starting the business. The third step is to decide on who will be involved in the management of the business. The fourth step is to collect data in order to understand the market and intended customers. In this step, SWOT analysis can also be done. The fifth step is to do analysis to find out if the business has a place in the competitive environment. The sixth step is writing an executive summary then the last step is to take action by starting the business if it found to be viable (Donegan, 2002).
The business is Sushi bar which is derived from one of the main products which will be sold in this business. The main aim of this business is to provide its clients with quality sushi cakes which are nutritiously made. There will be a place for taking the cakes together with other nutritious drinks like milk and juice. There will also be another section just within the same business where alcohol will be sold. The importance of this business will be to provide other foods which are more nutritious within place where alcohol is consumed (Arredondo, 1996). Alcohol is an empty calorie so to supplement it with other nutrients; the business will provide sushi and nutritious drinks for customers to choose from. This is all conceptualized in the mission of the business. The mission of the business will be to contribute to people’s health always by providing nutritious food which can counter interact the effects of alcohol under the same roof which alcohol is provided which will at long last discourage people taking alcohol. The health of the people is our priority therefore the products will be produced in such a way that they have enough nutrients which will contribute to people’s health.
The vision of sushi bar is to become an international centre for providing health foods and a place where all unhealthy and innutritious foods are discouraged. This vision will be achieved through education on the health effects of alcohol and the importance of choosing other nutritious drinks other than alcohol. This will be our responsibility to the community. While educating people, we will also be charged with the responsibility of introducing more drinks which are nutritious together other enriched types of cakes (Arredondo, 1996). We will market our business internationally. Sushi is a nutritious cake which contains almost all nutrients since it has rice, fish, egg and vegetable. In addition to it we will introduce more diverse cakes apart the Japanese origin only.
Values and ethic are crucial when it comes to running a business because they determine how customers are handled. For Sushi bar the main values will be respect, honesty, integrity, teamwork, caring, courage, independence and creativity (James, 2010). The business will use the creativity of its employees to come up with the right products and come up with the style to be applied in educating the public. This is a business and not a health institution so if the correct procedures are not used in educating the public on the health effects of alcohol, it may fail. Honesty and respect are the main values which will help us gain the trust of the people. Our social responsibility is to ensure that people remain health through consumption health and nutritious foods. We will work as team of sushi bar employees and the public to educate people. The value of being caring will be leading us to teaching people the health of alcohol.
However despite the fact that we are will be educating people, it is not a must that they buy our ideas immediately. This will be based on the fact that every body has his/her own ides. All these ideas will be respected. Every argument will be listened to and individuals will be given a chance to express themselves. Respect for every one will be key. Working with a lot of integrity will help in passing the information (James, 2010). Every individual will be considered right and his/her opinion respected unless they decide to take our opinion positively. Acceptance of our information will be based on personal will. The same is buying at our business. We will do advertisement and respect people’s will if they decide to buy from our business or not.
The mission, vision and values of sushi bar will lead it towards the strategic direction. This is because the aim of the business is to eventually be a health foods restaurant. The mission is to contribute to the healthy of individuals by providing health and nutritious food. This mission will help the business to concentrate providing health food and avoid so much concentration on the alcohol. The vision is to be an international provider of health food and discourage alcohol. This will help them educate people about the health effects of alcohol and slowly do away with the alcohol. The values will lead in following the direction of the organizations strategy because they will guide the actions undertaken by the organization. They will help the organization to carry out its strategy with integrity, courage and confidence. In this case, the probability of succeeding will be very high. Respect and care is the core of everything. I clients notice that the organization cares about their need and it has respect for them, they are more likely to adapt to the information. Honesty will also help the customers to have trust in the organization which will in turn lead to proper strategy execution. Team work is also another value which effectively contributes towards strategy’s direction. Involvement of community members will create a sense of identity which will make customers to adapt the information being passed.
The organization will address the customers’ needs by ensuring that it identifies those types of foods and drinks which are dense in nutrients. This will ensure that every step at sushi bar, one is able to get nutritious food. All the customers need is to be provided with health foods especially those who might not have the time to cook their own foods. Therefore having nutritious ready food will serve the purpose. The other need which customers have is lack of information when it comes to choosing food. Therefore educating them and passing the appropriate information will have this need satisfied. Despite the fact that alcohol is unhealthy, taking a little will not have much harm. There are people who know this and their need is to go somewhere where they can get a little alcohol and then something health. This will be available at sushi bar.
The organization will try its level best to gain a competitive advantage over its entire competitor. This will be achieved though practice of ethic where customers will be highly respected and their opinions respected. It will also achieve competitive advantage through production of high quality products. Advertisement ill also be included in trying to win competition.
In conceptualizing a business, it is important to be careful because a little mistake can cost the failure of the whole project. A lot of research is required to ensure that one gets all the information.
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