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Compare/contrast Fitzgerald story to Hemingway story.

• In a 500 word essay (maximum) using MLA format (See Handbook) write an analysis (not a summary!) essay.

Exact Directions:

Compare/contrast Fitzgerald story to Hemingway story. You must use a literary device to do this. And you must say what this device is in your thesis. You must also say exactly which authors and stories you are using in your thesis. You MUST use the compare/contrast rhetorical mode here! So BRAINSTORM first – think about it! Then decide — do I see more similarities or differences in these writers and their works? I strongly suggest you do this first! Then decide. You can write a compare (similarities) essay or contrast (differences). Say what is the same or what is different (briefly) in your Intro. The body paragraphs, then, comprise the DETAILS from the stories (i.e. short quotes from the stories) that will SUPPORT your thesis. For example, students have CONTRASTED the STYLE of Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Why? Easy! These are two very different writers in terms of style! So Fitzgerald writes in a lyrical style while Hemingway uses a simple, concise writing style. The rest of your essay shows this by use of DETAILS and EXAMPLES from their stories! Good luck. Make sure you send this essay to me in word for windows as an ATTACHMENT.

NOTE: do NOT write about the authors at all here and do NOT write a plot summary. If you do either one of these, your grade will suffer.

• Authors for your use:



F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald

32 min video A Concise Bio


American Dream Fitzgerald

almost 2 hrs video on Am. dream — Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald’s “Under the Biltmore Clock” video

Almost 80 minutes long video of Fitzgerald’s story “Under the Biltmore Clock”.

Bernice Bobs Her Hair

45 mi. video of story

Myra Meets his Family Print story

Fitzgerald power point

Attached Files:

o F. scott Fitzgerald pp.pptx (537 KB)

Power point on Fitzgerald.



35 min. Concise Bio

Hemingway story “Three Shots”

83 min Story video of “Three Shots” by Hemingway

Hemingway Bio from A&E

91 min A&E Bio on Hemingway

Hemingway on Anderson video

83 min. Video about Hemingway, Anderson and G. Stein.

Hemingway powerpoint

Attached Files:

o Hemingway powerpoint (3) use.pptx (65.438 KB)

See pp.

A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway

Video of this novel by Hemingway (over one hour).

hills like white elephants story

Attached Files:

o Hills Like White Elephants – Ernest Hemingway.pdf (692.408 KB)

Example ; Here is an example, I hope it helps.


Hemingway uses scenery instead of stating exactly what the story is about. He uses scenery and also symbolism to show us (the reader) what the story is about. For example, in “Cat in the Rain” he uses the war setting in Italy to show us that war between the sexes in this story.

The woman has no name, so that this symbolizes her non-importance in the story to the man. She is just called the American wife.

Another symbol in the story is the cat, of course.

The woman and the cat are the same in many ways, both not treated very well.

I would also suggest to you that the padrone is a key character in this story.

For any Hemingway story, we can see that he is a MINIMALIST writer who, unlike Fitzgerald, does not bother much with elaborate descriptions in his stories nor does he use elaborate vocabulary.

So what is Hemingway’s importance in American literature?

His use of dialog is where he is at his best, so, as readers, we have to read “between the lines” there.

This is known as the Iceberg Effect — all the real meaning in his stories is below the surface of the story so we must look carefully at not only WHAT is SAID but what ACTIONS OR NOT the characters take in the story.

For example, in “Cat in the Rain” the American woman says she wants a cat. The man says he will get it. But he does not move from the bed. What are we to make of this non-action?

So that is the trick with Hemingway texts.

As to Fitzgerald, he is a supreme stylist so it is a simple matter to CONTRAST these two writers in terms of style.

Many of you have commented on Fitzgerald’s elaborate style in his metaphors and similes etc.

So this contrast is apparent. For essay writing I suggest this approach and then the body paragraphs DETAIL WITH EXAMPLES from the stories HOW these styles differ!

Style is a literary device so you can use it. I hope this helps.

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