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Compare/Contrast Essay Prewriting and Planning.

Essay Synopsis Being a nurse requires you to make evaluations and to consider similarities and differences; sometimes, you will even have to make a difficult choice between two almost equal options. In this Compare/Contrast Essay, write about one of the topics below. Note: you must integrate the article associated with your topic into your essay using APA Style citations and references. Compare and contrast the styles of two leaders you have known personally. This might be a teacher, a boss, a pastor, a parent, a charge nurse, or anyone who has displayed leadership. Delmatoff, J., & Lazarus, I. R. (2014). The most effective leadership style for the new landscape of healthcare. Journal of Healthcare Management, 59(4), 245-249. This article can be found in the CINAHL database. Compare and contrast how two cultures deal with a matter. For instance, you might talk about how American and Somali cultures differ in their customs surrounding the birth of a child. Who is in the delivery room? Does the mother go to a hospital, or deliver at home? Are there specific traditions around the birth? Kneebone, T. (2007). Developing cross-cultural awareness and understanding. Independent School, 67(1), 80-91. This article can be found in the Academic Search Premier database. Compare and contrast the organizational structures of two hospitals in your community. You might use a hospital where you have worked personally, or you may explore one that you are interested in. Gearon, C. J. (2011). Hospitals face a new reality. U.S. News Digital Weekly, 3(30), 15. This article can be found in the Academic Search Premier database. Whichever topic you choose, your essay must include the following: At least one direct quotation from an article that relates to your chosen topic. At least one paraphrase from an article that relates to your chosen topic. At least one direct quotation from a person familiar with your topic. A clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. A strong organization of your ideas. A references page with the full reference details for the article relating to your chosen topic. PLEASE NO PLAGIARISM!!! I HAVE ATTACHED A RUBRIC AND SAMPLE FROM PREVIOUS STUDENT.

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