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Compare and/or contrast two different views of a current health issue: for example, GMO foods vs. Non GMO foods

Contrast/Compare Essay 3 pages


  • Your essay must include an introduction with a thesis body paragraphs with topic sentences, and a  conclusion
  • Essays must demonstrate coherence through the use of transitions and proper organization.
  • Your paper must be formatted in correct MLA style.
  • The paper must be three full pages (about 900 words).
  • You must cite a source from Galileo.
  • Organize this essay using the block method or the point-by-point method.
  • The paper must be formatted in correct MLA style.
  • The final essay must incluse a works cited entry of the researched source you used in your essay.
  • Please upload a copy of your final essay to Turn-It-In on ANGEL; failure to do so will result in a 0 for your final paper.


Option 1: Compare and/or contrast two different views of a current social controversy: for example, the two perspectives of racial tensions in a community, such as Ferguson or Baltimore.

Option 2: Compare and/or contract two different viewpoints of a current political issue: for example, Religious Freedom Act.

Option 3: Compare and/or contrast two different views of a current health issue: for example, GMO foods vs. Non GMO foods

Generic drugs vs. Non-Generic, E-Cigarettes vs. Regular cigarettes


Please read Chapter 9 in Nexus to help you understand how to write the comparison and contrast essay. All college essays are formatted in MLA style (headers, page numbers, etc.). Read the MLA chapter of your grammar book pp. 700-713. Read pages 664-716 for the works cited page, and pages 78-80 and 589-590 for the annotated bibliography.

Introduction (at least 5-7 sentences)

Your introduction must have a thesis.

Body Paragraphs (at least 5-7 sentences)

Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that supports the thesis statement.

Transitional expressions are used effectively throughout the essay for flow, coherence, and cohesiveness (meanwhile, furthermore, therefore, finally, first, second, in conclusion, etc.)

All body paragraphs should have well-developed examples to prove your topic sentence and supports your thesis.

Use the block method or the point-by-point method to organize your paragraphs.


You must quote from your source at least once in your essay using correct in text citation format. You may use direct quotes, but be sure to integrate the quote seamlessly through the use of signal phrases and quotation marks.  If paraphrasing, please note that parenthetical citations are required.

Be sure to include a works cited page of the source used in the essay.

Conclusion (at least 5-7 sentences)

Your conclusion should restate the main idea of your essay in a creative manner.

Provide closure to the essay.

Grammar and Mechanics

No glaring grammar mistakes (fragments, agreement issues, verb tense shifts, run-ons, comma splices, wordiness, awkward sentence structures, no comma errors or punctuation errors, misspelled, no grammar and mechanics related errors)

Mature vocabulary, diction, and syntax are evident.

Sentence structure shows control and some variety

Audience and Tone

Academic papers require the use of formal language.

Avoid slang, informal/inappropriate usages, and biases.

Use the third person point of view (he, she, one, a person, etc.), not the first person point of view (I), or the second person point of view (you).

Grade Distribution and Submission Requirements

The Comparison and/or Contrast essay is 20% of your overall grade. 

Brainstorming(5pts), Outline, with Thesis(15pts) Total (20pts.)

• Generation of ideas in brainstorming

• The outline shows a thesis, topic sentences, and specific details.

Annotated Bibliography  (10pts.)

• Annotated bibliography is in proper MLA format.

Rough Draft (20pts.)

• Revised introduction and thesis

• Revised paragraphs begin with topic sentences that relates to the thesis.

• Revised topic sentences supported with specific details.

• There is use of transitions.

• Revised conclusion summarizes the main points of the essay in a creative manner.

• Works cited page

Peer/Self  Review (10 pts.)

• All questions need to be answered in a complete and thorough manner to receive credit.

Final Essay with Works Cited Page (100pts.)

• A thorough document that reflects all the requirements above and has been revised and edited.

• The works cited page is numbered and in proper MLA format.

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