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Compare and evaluate different theories, research findings or policy.

Introduce this problem by describing the nature and causes of illegal prescription drug abuse. Detail the significance of the problem as a public policy concern (why do we need to address this problem?). Explain key characteristics and most importantly discuss the main causes of the problem. Write this section of the paper with an eye towards your recommendation in the next section by identifying causes that connect well to your recommendations.

(Your solution should address the problems you cite in this section)

(this should be appox. 4-6 pages double spaced Times new roman)


The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate theoretical and evaluation research and apply it to understand and address crime problems.

While you will start by describing the background of the problem, your main objective is to design approaches to address the problem that are based on theory and research.

Design concrete, detailed, evidence-based recommendations for how to address the crime problem. These arguments will be graded on the extent to which they are supported by crime theory, research and evaluations. You can draw upon existing responses in place now for prescription drug abuse and refined them as you see necessary or integrate components of responses to create your own.

(this should be appox. 6-8 pages double spaced Times new roman)

Writing Guidelines/Grading Criteria

  1. Knowledge of Topic
  • Provides the reader with a complete and accurate understand of the problem
  • Includes important and relevant issues, avoids unnecessary information
  • Explains concepts fully; uses examples to illustrate points when necessary
  1. Analysis and Critical Evaluation
  • Describes strengths and limitations of theory, policy or research on the topic
  • Compares and evaluates different theories, research findings or policy
  • Makes logical connections between theory/causes and policy recommendations
  • Evaluates sources of information
  1. Use of Research & Evidence
  • Uses a number of high quality academic sources
  • Provides context and interpretation of all cited materials; cite doesn’t “stand alone”
  • Sources are connected to the paper; relevant to the topics being discussed
  • Integrates sources together under specific topic areas; not organized by source
  1. Quality of Argument
  • Establishes the validity of positions & recommendations
  • Uses evidence convincingly to help support recommendations
  • Arguments are logical, consistent and convincing
  • Addresses limitations or counter arguments to your own position when necessary
  1. Quality of Writing
  • Paper is organized; paragraphs contain single main idea; flows logically to next
  • Paper is writing in the appropriate voice; uses the student’s own words
  • Sentences are clear, concise and grammatically correct

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