Compare and contrast the types of appeals underlying these ads, as discussed by Jib Fowles.

This is an explanatory synthesis essay. The instructions are: Compare and contrast the types of appeals underlying these ads, as discussed by Jib Fowles in his article, “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals”. To what extent do you notice significant shifts of appeal from the 1940s to the present? Which types of appeal seem to you most effective with particular product categories? Is it more likely, for example, that people will buy cigarettes because they want to feel autonomous or because the cigarettes will make them attractive to the opposite sex?

Begin your essay with one of the types of introductions: Quotation, Historical Review, Review of a Controversy, From General to the Specific, Annecdote and Illustration: From the Specific to the General, Question, Statement of Thesis.
For this assignment, a clear thesis should appear in the last sentence of this introductory paragraph. The thesis should provide clarity and illumination (as opposed to controversy). Remember the three types of thesis statements: Explanitory, Mildly Argumentative, Strongly Argumentative. and use the one that is appropriate for explanatory synthesis.

Follow “Guidelines for Writing a Synthesis”. Read the specific instructions here carefully and make sure that you understand them. Cite both Jib Fowles’ article, as well as any ***YouTube videos of advertisements that you choose to use.

In addition, you must cite one article from Academic Search Complete (library e-databases) that contains an idea of relevance to the thesis that you form. I suggest that you search advertisements and appeals as your research. The login for the e-database can be found through the Whitecaps portal and “Library Online Resources.” The login for this e-database is GALVESTON and the password is summer (lowercase).

You might read about the specific topic in the ads that you chose, or you might read about the audience in advertising. You might even search the topic of “Internet and Advertising” as you craft the synthesis essay.

***Based on MLA standards for other media formats, the following format is the most acceptable for citing YouTube videos:

Authors Name or Posters Username. Title of Image or Video. Media Type
Text. Name of Website. Name of Websites Publisher, date of posting. Medium. date retrieved.

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