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Compare and contrast Spanish vs. American educational system (advantages/disadvantages). Explain.

How much do you know about your destination; Spain?

Pre-departure assignment:—Spain

Do not use essay format. Just answer the each question. each question must be at least 3 sentences. Some questions should be 5to 9 sentences.

Write your answers to each question in your own words, NOT copy and paste from Internet sources. Work cited should be provided at the end of each answered question (NOT all at the end of your paper

Section # 4: Education

1. Explain the educational system as far as public (free) or private (for profit) at higher educational level (colleges and universities). If there are private colleges what percent of total colleges are private?

2. Compare and contrast Spanish vs. American educational system (advantages/disadvantages). Explain.

3. What is the percent of total population is illiterate and compare it to United States.

4. Explain if there is dress code for elementary, middle or high school pupils.

5. Explain the Spanish basic education system. Compare to the United States, which consists of: Elementary, Middle School and High School)

6. Explain if basic education is mandatory, if yes then how many years?

7. Explain what languages are taught and required to learn prior to higher education level?

Section # 5: Social Structure

1. Explain the social class division (upper-upper rich …. To lower-lower poor).

2. Explain various ethnic divisions

3. Explain if there is discrimination against any ethnic group.

4. Explain the nature of social mobility.

5. Explain the average size of a family. How is the role of extended family?

6. Has the experience of colonialism or foreign domination affected class structure? Briefly explain the attitude of Spanish people towards foreigners living and working in Spain.

7. Explain the extent of family planning clinics availability and the costs to patients.

8. Explain “siesta” and its importance to society’s productivity.

9. Do most people live in apartment or single home? Urban vs. Rural. Explain.

Section # 6: Economy

1. Explain the current economic condition in Spain

2. What is current average unemployment rate in Spain? Explain.

3. What is current average interest rate to buy home and commercial for business? Explain.

4. What kind of currency is used for exchange to buy and sell products or services and what is exchange rate to US dollar now (time of answering the questions)? Explain.

5. What was the previous currency’s name and why the government changed its currency medium to the current one? Explain.

6. What is average a family income per year? Explain.

7. What is average income per capita? Explain.

8. What percent of people own their homes? Explain.

9. How many weeks per year a full time employee receives paid vacation? Explain.

10. alternatives (i.e. other EU countries health care) is provided by government’s department of health?

11. Explain the extent of maternity leave/paternity leave. How long a mother or father can be separated from work with pay?

12 。o all children covered by national health care system? Explain.

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