Compare and contrast crowdsourcing and user studies as a method of evaluating a product or service.

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CIS 375 WEEK 8 (1 PAGE)

Week 8 Discussion 1

“Data and Reliability” Please respond to the following:
• From the e-Activity, we see the importance of a thorough product evaluation before a product is introduced into the marketplace. Explain how the designers of the product went wrong and how the injuries could have been mitigated.
• Compare and contrast crowdsourcing and user studies as a method of evaluating a product or service. Which method is more effective, and why?

Week 8 e-Activities
• The design of some products can lead to accidents that can result from how a product was designed. For example, there is a hypothesis that package design increases the risk for burn injuries by affecting container stability. A study by Greenhalgh, Bridges et al. (2006), “Instant cup soup: design flaws increase risk of burns,” whose abstract, located at, provides statistical data. Read this article before listening to the NPR article below. Be prepared to discuss.
• Visit or listen to the NPR article, “Why Burn Doctors Hate Instant Soup,” at

Week 8 Discussion 2
“Evaluation Methods” Please respond to the following:
• One might argue that there is no difference in the outcome when evaluating a product with testers in a living lab than in a natural setting. Compare and contrast a natural settings evaluation environment and a living lab evaluation environment in terms of reliability of the data gathered and behavior of tests. Give an example of each.
• The safety of a product is paramount. Product feedback has to be incorporated into the design for the benefit of the user. Provide cases of designs that must rely on olfactory feedback and those that must rely on haptic feedback for the end user safety. Identify which feedback is more important and why. Give an example of each.

SEC 420 WEEK 8 (1 PAGE)
Week 8 Discussion
“Macs and Viruses” Please respond to the following:
• A common misconception with Mac OS X systems is that they are not as susceptible to viruses and malware as PCs and therefore do not require users to apply additional security measures. Discuss whether or not you believe this is true. Provide a rationale for your response.
• From the e-Activities, evaluate the quality of at least two (2) of the selected Mac security tools, based on their available features, functionality, provided protections, mitigated risks, costs, and any other pertinent information discovered in your research. Decide whether or not you would recommend either of the tools for a Mac user. Justify your response.

Week 8 eActivities
• Review current Mac security features from Apple’s Website located at Be prepared to discuss.
• Read the article titled “12 Antivirus Apps for the Mac,” by clicking the link here. Select two (2) tools, and research their features, functionality, provided protections, mitigated risks, costs, and any other pertinent information. Be prepared to discuss.
Original Source: Rubenking, J. N. (2013 August 7) 12 Antivirus Apps for the Mac. Retrieved from,2817,2406379,00.asp.

SEC 435 WEEK 8 (1 PAGE)

Week 8 Discussion
*”DoS Attacks and Password Cracking” Please respond to the following:
• Identify three (3) DoS attacks and analyze the way in which each attack takes advantage of the interworking of the transport protocols (e.g.,TCP, IP, and UDP) and exploits the protocol’s vulnerabilities. Describe the protocols used for each attack and suggest methods that system / security administrators could use in order to detect the attack and mitigate recurring instances. Explain the manner in which a Distributed DoS attack may be more effective than a DoS in bringing down a large network.
• From the e-Activity, compare and contrast Linux versus Windows password management methods. Suggest the methodology that you would use in order to make sure that all passwords have different hash values. Provide a rationale to support your response.
• Week 8 e-Activity
• Research on the Internet Linux and Windows password management methods.

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