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Communicate the nature and function of consumer behaviour in the market place.

Write a report demonstrating how household decisions to go on holidays are influenced by their stage in the household lifecycle.
Specifically, pick a resort or caravan park; pick two stages in the household lifecycle for that accommodation to target. Then explain how the accommodations positioning and marketing mix (4p’s) would need to differ for each of the segments (stages of the HLC) chosen, use theory and evidence to justify your choices.
In your answer you should choose a resort or caravan park that holds fond memories for you or choose a destination that you look forward to one day visiting and use this as the context for your discussion. If they have more than one product or service, please choose one to focus on. (E.g. P&O cruises offer a wide range of services, choose one specific example to one location on one specific ship).
This is a 5 step process
Step 1: Background
Identify the resort or caravan park you have chosen and provide a brief description of the accommodation, including the service/s they offer. (Use sources to support this description)
Step 2: Theory
Describe the household as a purchasing unit. Describe the household lifecycle and why it is a useful way to segment the market. Pick two stages in the household lifecycle to target and briefly describe / profile each. (Use academic sources to provide evidence)
Step 3: Application
Describe the Product Positioning and Marketing Mix you would use to increase business from each of the two stages you have chosen.  You need to justify each of the choices that you make using theory. Also the choices should be consistent with the nature of the accommodation
NB: Remember to link back to the original question (above)
Step 4: Reference
Create a reference list using APA 6th style (a short CSU guide to APA referencing is provided in your Resources folder on interact) and make sure all of the articles that you have cited in the report are included in the list.
More information about referencing is available at –
You are expected to use at least 6 academic sources for this assignment
Step 5: Submit the report via
The objective of this assessment is for students to demonstrate their ability to:
  • Predict consumer behaviour using relevant models
  • Apply consumer behaviour theory to real life situations
  • Apply consumer behaviour theory to marketing strategy
  • Communicate the nature and function of consumer behaviour in the market place
  • Demonstrate broad reading around subject content

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