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Change is not illusive through the Ad, a type of modern day Revolution

Change is not illusive through the Ad, a type of modern day Revolution
Chapter 6: Packaging Culture-How to Make an Ad
In chapter 6 of convergence, entitled the packaging culture, Robert Atwan speaks of how to make an Ad. In this instance, the global network is envisioned with various people who are characterized with changing the world. This aspect of Robert Atwan to call them the changing elements can be justified; they are also referred to as the adbusters (Atwan, 2002). The adbusters use sarcasm with an aim of fighting social injustices depicted in the global economy.
One way of passing the message to consumers is through the use of advertisement, which is a favorable way of presenting a service or product to the consumers. Robert Atwan argues that revolutions can be propelled through the various advertisement carried on the print and even in the electronic media. This form of communication brings awareness through the effective use of language as well as bringing familiarity among people. It is important to illustrate the characteristics of advertisement which is illustrated as an encouraging, complimenting as well as favorable presentation. Advertisement therefore presents to consumers an opportunity to introduce a certain concept into the market or to a group of people.
It is true, however, that different aspects are involved when subjecting an advertisement. Robert Atwan notes that it is fundamentally essential that the message depicted in a given illustration be read easily. This is widely accepted and his arguments warrant no objection but support. For instance, politicians the entire world employs various advertisements to pass their message through (Hassam, 2011). It is true therefore that advertisement is one form of communication tool that reaches a great number of personalities in the global community. There has also been a perception illustrating that when one carries out an advertisement, he or she intends to sell a certain product. On the contrary, it is also an opportunity where people are offered a chance to express their wish on a particular product, depending on how it has been presented.
Advertising therefore plays a fundamental role in a business environment and eth society at large. Advertising is used to make a given task or even a product successful; it is with aim in mind that Robert Atwan tries to develop an environment where selling ad leads to positive development in an organization or society (Atwan, 2002). Even though a lot of resources is used when undertaking an advertisement process, there is no doubt that the same return can yield a handful of results in terms of earnings and the passage of relevant messages.
One segment of using ad is in non electronic advertisement. This has several dimensions and can illustrate the use of newspapers, pamphlets, brochures, magazines as well as books. This is always an opportunity of targeting people who can in one way or the other not have access to electronic media. This is also a cheaper way, for instance, of propelling a revolution in the village setting. On other occasions, it is used in areas where there is no proper channel of communication.
Advertising Morality:
Real Life experience
An Ad can be an opportunity where people can share their experiences and thoughts on life. Robert Atwan reflects that it is important to provoke a huge response by what we are advertising. For instance, he argues that the creation of Ehrenreichs 2001 best selling book on the hardships imposed on low wage Americans workers prompted several individuals to share their adventures. On the other hand, a society full of ill is exposed and students get an experience of how different people perceive life as well as experiencing it. In the same note, Robert cautions people, and more so the young generation against drug abuse.
A way of solving issues in the society
I think the issue on adversity morality illustrated by Robert Atwan should receive an acclaim and I effectively support it. For instance, the responses given through the creation of Ehrenreichs 2001 best selling book could not have resulted in several people responding if an acclamation and awareness through ad could not have been carried out. I believe the moral decay experienced in our communities can be eradicated if we are focused and maintain advocating for social decadence through such initiative (Anonymous, 2011). Such opportunity, I believe is a better way of transforming our society so as to improve better living conditions. It is a step towards eradicating injustice deployed through leaders who are out to oppress. In some instances, ads like the one depicted by Robert Atwan uplifts those who are scared of publicity and who are not ready to share their ordeal in a one on one person.
Ad as a sign of Promotion
Promotional aspect
Another aspect that characterizes the ad is the sign of promotion. Where as others see only the monetary side of an advertisement, there are several promotional benefits that come with it. For instance, the public is educated on virtues pertaining different products and how they can relate to their health environment. On the other hand, ads add value to marketing segment as it grant detailed information about a brand (Snyder, 1999). A proper way in which ads are carried out is a necessity in sending forth the message to several multitudes. It therefore allows people to buy items that they are well familiar with other than buying what they will not benefit from.
A Moment of growth:
The other dimensional outlook for ads can be a moment for growth. Though Robert Atwan describes it as an opportunity to force for change, it can also be an opportunity where persons can learn through forced change. This occurs through instances where promotional products evaluate what people are fond of doing and hence making them change their lifestyle. Furthermore, the public are continually put in a position of knowing new things that are present in the market and what can be attained through knowledge (Hassam, 2011). It is therefore imperative to note that ads carry fundamental information for the general public. The young generation gets to learn on how different aspects and values are oriented and how they can impact on their future.
Horizons of Relationships:
Advertising as a promotional sign can lead to opening new horizons for people to know each other. This also illustrated businesses learning from each other the various aspects of trade as well as new marketing strategy. It is a way in which a company and eth society can create awareness not only by the awareness of the brand, but also through an introduction of the company and society at large. Promotion can also entail uplifting the morals in a society as well as helping individual’s correct ill behaviour and practices.
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