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Cell Phone GPS

Cell Phone GPS
It is the transaction of business (buying, selling and exchange of commodities) using the internet and more so the website. This method can be divided into four groups: business to business, customer to business, business to customer and customer to customer.
The person transacting the business is required to have a device that can have an access to a cardholder recipient like a computer. The recipient of the card used in the transactions goes to the website of the trader and reads the commodity information. He, the buyer, conveys the request (order) through a fax, a service that can be accessed through mail or phones.
E-marketers say on personalized marketing using GPS equipped cell phones
Kerry Kennedy, VP e-Commerce, Omni Hotels says that his company will soon enable check-ins using mobile phones that have a functional SMS check-in. He says that the using of mobile phones will continue centred on fastness many to users and simplicity in the usage. Guests will look forward to functioning websites in the mobile settings. On the proposal by the companies to add QR codes it will lead to an additional value to the customer. He opines the need for the hotel companies to think about the main lessons why the hotel guests place bookings from specific brands and enable their cell phone sites with efficiency that are similar to the ones that make the guests revisit the site and then offer the product voice that the client has come to look forward to.
He opines that it is of great importance to apply the QR code so that the clients can not only feel valued, but also making them simple and faster to apply instead of veering them off to another font or in similar cases, provide them with added features that can make them have an access to another channel (Joel, 2008). The upcoming QR codes and the phone messages will be added the items of product, place, price and promotion designed for a product while performing that way in the newly emergent digitalized outlets (Zonging, 2004).He says that result can portray how the products can use the social technology to attach the clients one on one either before, when or after their period of staying.
Will Aldrich, VP product, Triplit opines 2011 will be a year of arranging and placing travel orders using the mobile phones. Due to the volume of buying from the desktops to portable technological devices such as mobile phones the developers and the dealer s will reduce the abrasiveness on the travellers and as the year wears out, the travellers will feel emboldened.
The upcoming of technologies such as jQuery Mobile will make the advancement of high reliability on websites go on advancing. It will have an advantage to those travel products that rely on coming up with Uls that will be allowing the users to intermingle with each other speedily and flawlessly. They will need to meet the clients expectation so that because if the client loses his trust in it, it will be very difficult to win it again. The experience to the appliers will be hygienic, quick and can be learned with ease.
However the selling of applications of the mobile phones will be a complex, costly and difficult to gauge when held in comparison to mobile webs. This will be one of the hurdles that the developers who are giving the apps will face.
Ann Nadeau, corporate director of marketing in Joie de Vivre opines that the administration and trend of her company impacts how workers can use the media socialization as an expansion of the perfect ideal services catered at the hotel. The company advances, connects and facilitates the wants of their clients and if they would opt to one on one or via the online.
Facebook can help increase the number of followers by posting questions that are about the likes of your clients and conduct in the conversations after there are replies. Then one is required to trail the development and go on with the objective in mind of bringing up a loyal relationship in all the involvements. Ann’s company know the usefulness of the involvement in discussions and assists to build fresh discussions. The company has a Social Media Champion that takes care of the responses of which is made suitable for overseeing and providing effective guest response

The Analysis
First, they will have a functional SMS check-in. Second, it will be quick to a large number of users and also the simplicity in the usage. Various companies will add QR codes that will give the users an added advantage. The features of the mobile phones will be enabled with similar brands to those that make the guest revisit the site and offering recorded voices that the user will come to recognize. The QR codes will also help divert the user from going to another site that offers similar services and give the user the access to another channel. It will be quick, hygienic and faultless.
The QR codes and the phone messages will be equipped with the items of product, place, price and promotion. That technology can connect the clients directly before purchasing, when and after staying at the hotel. As a result of the large volumes of mobiles bought compared to desktops, it will reduce the roughness of the user as they will feel emboldened.
Joel, M. (2008). GPS FOR Dummies. New Jersey: For Dummies.
Zonging, Z. (2004). E-commerce and information technology in hospitality and tourism. New York: Cengage Learning.

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