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Business Process Analysis Report

Business Process Analysis ReportOrder DescriptionIBA218 Business Processes 2014Assignment – Business Process Analysis Report35% of total AssessmentThe assignment will put into practice what has been learned and covered from Week 1 through to Week 6. It consists of the initial identification of an “organization”, its target goal (usually through the laying down of a formal statement such as for example, a corporate mission statement) that has been set and the journey to achieve it as effectively and efficiently as possible, through a predetermined set of procedures.For someone unrelated to industry it may consist of identifying a target goal of say, paying the mortgage off in 20 years and the processes involved in achieving this. In cases such as these the situation should be looked at from the number of other target goals which can be identified until one emerges as the dominating one. Others, like the overall process of feeding the family and its related sub-processes, or the process of clothing the family and its related sub-processes, or planning for the yearly holiday and its related sub-processes should be aligned in such a way to support the overall goal.For a topic related to industry the target goal may be easier to identify as one would expect the presence of a mission statement. When the mission statement is combined with a realistic awareness of the target market the company is intending to serve (either through products, services or both) a strategy must be formulated on how to achieve the objectives of the mission statement successfully in view of the target market. All of the subsequent processes must then align with the strategy in order to accomplish the objectives of the mission statement.Structure of the report and expected workPart 1 (Identification and Justification)Identify and describe the organization that is being investigated. It will provide the opportunity to identify industries, or otherwise based activities that you are comfortable with, in a setting of choice on which the report will be based. Justification should be given as to why a particular organization has been chosen. This could be as simple as working there. However, the best justifications are those that recognize an issue in terms of performance or lack of structure, etc. leading to a need for analysisThe identification and formalization of a mission statement will require some thought, unless one is readily available, as will the identification of the target market. Both of these should be justified in terms of the foreseen overall capabilities of the “organization”.A number of overall processes (business processes) contributing to the running of the “organization” should not be difficult to identify. The necessary skill to accomplish this are found in the Introductory phase of the lecture series, associated readings and exercises.Part 2 (Discussion, recommendations and conclusion)For the next part please identify at least three overall processes (business processes) to map out using relationship and cross-functional maps.As stated before the identification of a number of overall processes (business processes) that contribute to the running of the “organization” should not be difficult and relationship maps should be drawn for them.However, the identification of the sub-processes will require work and while going down to “flowcharting detail” levels it’s not required, this part of the assignment can be time consuming. In any case, the output from this part of the exercise should be a cross-functional map. The necessary skill to accomplish this are found in the introductory and mapping phases of the lecture series, associated readings and exercises.For the next part please single out one overall process (business process) to analyse.Once the maps have been obtained an analysis of the sub-processes and their relationships should be carried out with a view of identifying potential problems. An initial analysis should be carried out in a similar fashion as to the Phil’s Garage mapping exercises. At this point suggestions for improvement can already be made if needed.A follow up analysis on the sub-processes should be carried out according to the material covered in the “Process Measurement and Analysis” reading. Of course, every single measure may not be adequate, but comments on at least measures of Quality, Speed of Delivery and Process Velocity should be given. In terms of process analysis, please comment on (at least) process Tightness and Dependence, and Bottlenecks. The analysis must cover Service Blueprinting and a line of visibility should be identified and comments on how sub-processes differ above and below this line should be given. Statements about how the processes are benchmarked should be given in terms of the material covered in lectures and found in the “Process Measurement and Analysis” reading.The conclusion should draw the report together and clearly state how improvements are likely to be achieved as a result of the analysis. In particular, the report should identify the important issues and challenges facing business process management in the organization.The Report (overall)The Report should begin with an overview of the chosen organisation. Mention should be made of the context (e.g. product market and the business environment) that the organization operates in with the mission statement and the target market clearly defined. You may wish to focus on a particular part of the “organisation” that produces a discrete product or service and a strategy on how to achieve this through the “organisation’s” resources. Topics and issues that should be included in the Research Report include:1. Introduction2. Mission, target market, and strategy.3. Identification of at least three overall processes (business processes) contributing to the operation of the organisation.4. Relationship and cross-functional maps5. Analysis6. Discussion7. ConclusionIt is important that relevant issues are covered and also integrated in an overarching and coherent fashion (reflecting the systemic nature of business processes). The analysis should be critical in nature, and the use of unsupported rhetorical statements should be avoided, (e.g. ‘This organization is devoted to quality’). Recommendations should be explained and supported. Look for evidence of support for all such recommendations.Don’t forget to include references and a bibliography.The report should be submitted by 5pm on the Friday of week8FormatA Business Proposal Report with a consistent referencing style. (APA, Harvard, etc.)

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