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Business Law I discusion boardPaper details:Students should locate and read one or more of the contracts they have entered into in the past year—an apartment lease, a university-housing residency agreement, a mobile phone service agreement, terms of use for a fee-based website, or a retail sales agreement for a personal computer. How long is it? How much of it do they understand? Are any of the terms particularly surprising or unfair? If given the opportunity, would you void the contract? There is no need to divulge any personal information in this discussion board. Simply discuss how what you have learned so far in this course may have changed your decision.A minimum of 250 words is required for the initial post. Grammar and punctuation are important so points will be deducted for excessive mistakes. No texting language should be used at all. (Spell out the words and do not use numbers. ex. 4U should be written “for you”).

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