book review/John Ralston Saul.

book review/John Ralston Saul.Order Descriptionbook required for review: John Ralston Saul. The Comeback: How Aboriginals Are Reclaiming Power And Influence. PenguinRandom House Canada.Professor’s Requirements for the book review:Format for Review? Cover page optional // at start of paper (TOP of first page) B Include (as title) :i) Author(s)= name(s) ii) Full title iii) city of publication / publisher / year/ISBN [single space]? eight [8] pages/ double-spaced/ regular font / margins B ie. Times New Roman at 12 font, Arial at 12 font.Margins of 1 inch/2.5cm sides/top/bottom are appropriate. Leave only a double space between paragraphs, nota gap. (Short papers penalized).? number your pages // use regular spacing between paragraphs? one issue per paragraph? indent paragraph beginnings 5 spaces? underline or italicize book titles, ships= names, magazine or newspaper titles? write out numerals to eleven; then use numeral? A Block at Long quotes [single spaced/indented 5 spaces both sides, no quotation marks]? avoid contractions, slang C it is an academic paper? no need for a headers at in such a short paper; please do paginate? to cite from the book being reviewed, you need only provide the page number immediatelyOn Thesis?what is the author trying to argue; what is the point?? How successful is the author with descriptive questions – who, what, when, where, how? And/or the more analytical issue of “why”?? In short, what were the author’s goals? Were they achieved?On Authority?how many ideas and arguments does the book present??Of what quality?? Are the ideas/arguments consistent?? Does the research in support of these ideas seem credible?? Is there enough? Are the ideas and information presented clearly? On Perspective / bias :?is the work tainted by a clear bias that ignores or understates evidence, thus favoring one perspective; or presents statements without sufficient evidentiary support? ? Does this perspective / bias perhaps make the book better (eg. more original or questioning ?)On Originality :?does the book contribute something quite new to the field? This issue can be difficult for students new to history, but remember — this is YOUR review — if you think the work original or predictable (or indeed fascinating or boring) — SAY SO !! ? Are there issues that might have been presented or steps taken to improve the book ??other issues that MAY be worth discussing include (but are not limited to) format (does the book use photographs, statistics or tables, notes, bibliography, or index well?).Writing a Book Review with Course CommentaryWithin your review, you should discuss whether you better understand Canada since 1945 after reading the book. This section should be ONE page .The bulk of your paper should be conventional review — but I am looking for skills in linking a specific work to the broader elements of the course (Canadian History)

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