BlackBerry is manufactured by research in Motion Company. They are of different types and each type has a different specifications. These specifications may include; battery life, size, weight and memory (BrittanyC 2011). The users have the chance to choose according to their own needs. Most of the BlackBerry phones have been found to have long lasting battery therefore this has not been a problem. As per the memory, the user can choose depending on their work load (BrittanyC 2011).
BlackBerry has Smartphone and software that make it possible to access data, information and internet even when one is travelling or wherever they are. It ensures that one has a mobile access to email, IM, music, games, applications, internet and many other services which are provided by BlackBerry cell phones. It has made it easier for their users to access internet since one does not need to go to the cyber to have access to internet. On the other hand one is able to entertain himself or herself wherever they are. One need not be in the house to listen to music. BlackBerry cell phone has the main feature as email (Bernatchez 2011). It is made in Canada. They do not have ringtones and graphics which one can manipulate and they use a proprietary PDA like interface (Bernatchez 2011). It is not easy to choose the best among all types of BlackBerry therefore it is important to complete a cell phone chooser test just to be sure that the right phone is chosen.
The phone has many features which are interesting to every user. It has built in speakerphone which enables one to have hand free and conference calls even where many people are involved. Voice activated dialing (VAD) which enables the user to make a call to any contact in the phone without necessarily dialing but only using the sound of the user’s voice (Research in Motion Limited 2011). Polyphonic and mp3 ringtones makes it possible to download ringtones or create ringtones using songs which are originally stored in the BlackBerry Smartphone. Voicemail attachment playback helps the user to listen to voicemail attachments which are in mp3 format. It is enabled with Bluetooth which helps in hands free conversation. It has network access therefore one can connect with people all over the world. Its battery is long lasting enabling the user to enjoy it all day long (Research in Motion Limited 2011). BlackBerry Smartphone can be used as a desktop phone with BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System.
It provides email services that can meet individual needs or even the needs of the entire organization however big it may be. BlackBerry Smartphone enables the user do everything even when they are it transit. Be it personal or professional dealings. The software gives the user all the software required for personal or organizational needs. BlackBerry has technical support services which help organizations to meet their specific needs without minding how big or small an organization is.
BlackBerry cell phone provides technology which helps people to be reproductive in their life and even at their working environment even when one is away from their computer (Jiang 2011). For instance the BlackBerry Bold 9700 Smartphone has a screen which is large and it is hi-resolution. It can show more over 65,000 colors (Jiang 2011). This ensures that all photos, videos, files and websites can be clearly seen. It has a trackpad navigation which helps the user access the important information. It is designed in the same way the laptop is designed.
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