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Besides the JCT provisions about the Contractor’s right to terminate can discuss about the business aspect – goodwill, how to salvage the contract etc

Similar to previous assignment Option B
a) Discuss the contractual provisions in relation to the late interim payments by the Employer.

d) Discuss Ben Contractor’s rights to terminate the

Tsk 2
In order to obtain full marks for this task, student was expected to prepare a f ull schedule of
planned, cyclic, and responsive maintenance works f or the f acilities to cover the next ten years, and to make an asset maintenance programme by using Microsoft Project software.

Answer displays the good comprehension of the task and demonstrates some originality. Good presentation of budget cost but should have shown its impact on Lif e Cycle Costs for the case project
In acquiring an asset, the whole of life costs of an asset are taken into account. This includes
procurement, operating and maintenance and disposal costs.
An asset will deteriorate over its life‐time. During this process some part or elements of the
asset will fail before others. An effective maintenance program will ensure that the asset is
maintained to achieve its full life potential by a preventive maintenance program that
preserves and by a corrective program that restores and replaces the elements which have
An effective maintenance program assists in maintaining the value of an asset during it
lifetime, but it will not be able to maintain the asset indefinitely in an ‘as new’ condition.
Maintenance expenditure will increase as the asset ages and elements fail. At the same
time, improvements to the asset may be required to meet changed service requirements.
As an asset ages or becomes outmoded, decisions will need to be made as to the
cost/benefit of expenditure in maintaining the asset, refurbishing, replacing or disposing.
Such decisions must take into account the life cycle costs of the current asset and
alternative maintenance solutions. End of Life (EOL) replacements are common when an
asset starts to fail on a regular basis. Early replacement not only saves ongoing
maintenance expenditure but has the added benefit of providing a new asset warranty

Focus for Tsk4
Student is expected to f ocus more on a suitable strategy f or outsourcing of 50% of all asset
maintenance works to the Facilities Manager and link the strategy to the solutions prof f ered f or
the f irst three tasks.

The following were observed about the report and student is strongly advised to improve on the points raised below:

The entire report demonstrates a dumping of topic rather than answering question. General
unfocussed discussion but limited in its attempt to relate to an organisation. Long bullet point lists provided which don’t give indication of priorities or emphasis relating to the issue or the scenario.
Unnecessary level of detail and too much emphasis on explaining relatively trivial details

Poor referencing not adherent to HSR Harvard System of Citation. No citations within the text
Fails to show real engagement with the material.

No evidence of wider readings: Using the course material is just a starter. You have to demonstrate wider reading and some research about the subject.

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