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The Dell Incorporation company is mainly involved in two types of business in e-commerce. These two types are: business to business and business to consumer.However, in this chapter, we shall focus on the business to consumer model and how Dell Computer Company applies it in customer care services, marketing and for competitive advantages.
B-C model in e-commerce: This refers to the process of transacting business via online, making use of the internet and other technology. There are varying businesses that are conducted online among them: selling online, market research, paying for the goods and services, showing product data, promoting and publicizing the company concerned(corporate public relations),customer support advice, gathering market information and tracking down shipments. The Dell Computer Incorporation projects business to consumer model. In excessive modification, the Dell Incorporation clients make up their choices of the goods sold from a kind of menu that is presented by the dealer. To enhance a smooth flow of the business transaction, the Dell Company came up with a kind of ‘mail order personal computer Company’ that catered for the transactions via the internet. The business to consumer model targets individual buyers. This type of model can be in the form of varying ways such as; shopping electronically and product delivery.
With a kind of shrewd innovative and being industrious, the Dell Company came up with a way to get comments through the trend that they are using to procure goods and services. For instance, the service providers, companies and industries can deduct the customer needs and fats moving products and also introduce fresh products and other services using the information acquired.”…?
B-C Model as a form of customer care in Dell. Customer can be defined as being help (giving attention) to a client, prior to, when and after purchase. First through b-c model, the customer representatives compose friendly messages and where they keep the messages of their customers pleasant and make them feel that they are appreciated and hence, they lure customers and maintain a close relationship with them,.Also,in the Dell company, if a particular kind of services doesn’t satisfy the customer, they can feel free and convenient to call the customer service. In this way, the customers can salvage the services from lapsing, and the Dell Company can take the necessary steps. Here the old adage that was coined by sages comes into use: it’s good to protect. Using the b-c model, even the sick and old can place their orders online and if they are unable to shop outdoors, it can be an advantage to them.Again, if the business to consumer model is used, the Dell company can provide its clients with round-the-clock access to their products and in that way they can hedge their bet on them since their profits will increase and they will return the money that the Dell company invested. (De Labay, 2008) Still it can be ahead of its business rivals and it can cash in much money than them and have a big portion of customers.”…when Intel releases a new microprocessor, as it does every year, Dell can sell it to its customers within seven days compared to eight weeks or more for less Internet enabled competitors…”(Turban 2004)In this way, the Dell company changes the customer relationship.Yet,again the b-c model can be used by the Dell company to draw conclusions about what their customers mostly opts.Still,they can attract hordes of customers as many customers will make the website merely to simplify shoping.And when this is compared to the old purchasing method at a traditional store, it can prove to convenient, since in most cases the would-be clients are put off by tight schedules. When the clients order online and the purchases are delivered, they satisfactory can endear them to the Dell Company. This is because they are spared the hustle and bustle of the shopping malls.(Canzer,2006)
The internet has opened up much new range of possibilities for enriching interactions with customers. Dell has succeeded in attracting customer orders and improving services through placing configuration, ordering and technical support capabilities…emphasize just-in-time inventory, build-up-to-order production systems, and tight integration between the sales and production planning…it has implemented a consumer driven build to order business model…”(Malone, 2003 : 78). Through the use of the b-c model, the Dell Company can be in a position to answer the question, what selection of products (goods) and services will be the most favorable to the consumers who buy goods and order services online?
B-C model as marketing. The Dell Company will not only protect the landscape but also the diversity since when b-c model is used, there is no usage of forestry resources as the marketing is done online. In this way, the marketing becomes environment friendly.
In Dell, the b-c model can improved for collaborations with other companies. This is because the company can only take the orders online.Then,the delivery can be assigned to other companies such as those that offer courier services.Still,if the b-c model is improved, there could corporation partnerships where manufacturing services could be improved. In situations as such, for instance if there are large orders placed online, they can be supplied directly from the factories directly to the requesters. A request may come from within a factory that manufactures it, and it could be that the Dell Company is kilometers away. In that way, the factor of convenience is put into consideration.

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