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B –C Model

B –C Model
B-C Model refers to business-consumer model. It is the method that is employed to commercial transactions to those that deal in goods or services to the clients (consumers) using the internet.
This e-business could be upgraded for an upsurge of business in terms of sales and growth in the Amazon Company. The Amazon Company is a global electronic business company. It has got its headquarters in Seattle in Washington.However; it is the mightiest retailer in United States of America that conducts its business online. In the company, the clients glance through lists what they would like and then they request their choice directly to them online.Inthe catalog section of the company’s online web site, there should be unlimited (many) options .This would help the customers choose what they desire from varying products. The Amazon database should enlarge its database so as it can accommodate even the clients who are at the remotest of the places. The company should expand its system of shopping online to every corner of the globe so as to ensure a high number of loyal online shoppers. The company should concentrate on investing in web services and other services that lessen the strain that its partners have to endure so as to hook into applications and online requests. To prevent other companies like e-Bay dominating the market or suppressing it, it should uphold its impeccable level of technology. The company should make its vision come true of the e-book prior to which it shall dominate the market since it will have suppressed the hard copies therefore it shall have rendered the traditional publishers outdated and eventually useless.
Customer service: The Amazon Company should employ engaging sales people. In this case since its services mostly entail the usage of online services, it should employ people that write clearly and ‘error-free manners’. There are bound to occur complaints and so the Amazon Company should be very serious when handling the complaints. However to ensure that the customers don’t shop online the same article two times, it sets its catalogs in such a way that they enquire the online shoppers whether they want to shop the same item twice. In this way it ensures that its clients have minimal complaints when shopping. Still if the clients shopped for an item( )a and received another item (b),they should listen to the client’s side of their story and ensure that the complaint (if at all it was caused by a technical hitch) should be explained to the appropriate concerned supervisors and technicians to ensure that the same hitch does not reoccur.
Collaboration: The Amazon Company is ensuring that it is reaching far and wide to many customers by signing agreements with new corporate partners. Still the company has added many catalogs in the retail online options. With new agreements with the new corporate partners, it can save the company a lot of strain of delivering their products to far away p[laces at a time when a new corporate warehouse can be easily accessible. An example is, “a book can not be shipped from a Nevada warehouse when it could be sent faster and cheaper(conveniently) from Delaware…and the managers can have greater control over their own warehouse staff” (Thomas,2003).
Marketing: the company should aim at deal in varying goods and also services so as to satisfy the varying trend of customers. The Amazon company can use a number of varying online self selling that assist it catering for a larger portion of its ,marketing prospective in the world. The different ways that it could use to expose itself may be like: PPC or Podcast. This is because the two advertisement sites are more often visited by a lot of people (some of whom may be potential customers) simultaneously. This is because the method employed in this marketing strategy can hew a lot of buyers out of shoppers. The only two things that shoppers desire for when shopping are: the easiness of buying and convenience. When they shop online at Amazon web site, they are saved the hustle and bustle of walking through the supermarkets rows looking for their desired items. They should also upgrade their existing online facility to a cutting edge as many shoppers tend to shop online so as to preserve time that could be used in doing something else constructive.
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