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Ashton consulting Car Policy

Ashton Consulting Car Policy
If the company fixes rules that would require the employees to dig into their pockets if they wish to use the cars, it could mean profit for the company and good conduct from the employees.
The Ashton Car Use Policies:
The employees should use their own cars for business trips. This is because the employees would not venture into unnecessary business trips as they would fear procuring losses while in the mean time they could engage themselves in profitable profits or their inputs (at a time on which they could have been on business trips)be used for positive commercial gains.
The company will be responsible for the gasoline expenditure. If by any means they will use the cars and the company is responsible for the expenditure of the Car in terms of gasoline, on which there evidences I the form of receipts, the company could be developing good company-employee relationships. If the company insists that the drivers give prove by showing receipts, it could be discouraging corruption.
The employees who need to have access to the company cars must produce driver’s license. Where the company insists that all the employees will be required to produce their driver’s licenses when they need to use the vehicles, the company could not only be making the employees responsible, but also making it safe for the other road users. Among others is that the drivers cover the expense of the car in terms of repair. The other is that the drivers cover the insurance by self-insurance plans.
Car policies and if they are effective
There are several company car use policies.However, not all are adhered to mostly because of ignorance. For example: company car use only-considering fairness and equity, a driver can’t leave a friend or a relative on the road. Some companies insist that the physically and mentally unfit can’t use the vehicles that are a discriminative policy. The policy of strictly no smoking in a company vehicle doesn’t work for the drivers simply because the drivers are ignorant as they are not being watched or enforced. (Jack)
A policy statement
A policy statement for the policy problem: While the car use policy about the physically and the mentally challenge is welcome, at the least the case of the physically handicapped should be considered; and they shouldn’t be marginalized. Some vehicles could be modified for their benefit. The policy that only the approved garages are where their vehicles will be serviced should also be reconsidered. The drivers of the company cars could be get car-breakdowns in places where even though there are garages. The approved ones may be many kilometers away. Also the policy that the drivers should not drive while talking on the phone should be reviewed because need to make a phone call may arise when in unsecure places and by adhering to the company policy of not call while driving could endanger their lives.
A presentation outline

Opening statement: My fellow employees, disability isn’t inability..
Thesis statement: We want the company car use policies reviewed.
Preview statement: The company car use policy marginalizes the physically challenged
Must be the company administration be specific that the cars should only be serviced by approved garages?
The policy about driving while making phone calls doesn’t put into regard some factors.
The policy that prohibits smoking in the company cars must be reviewed
Disability. It isn’t by personal will that some of the employees are disabled
Anyone can be subject to disability regardless of societal status.
Personal security:
Some situations are absolutely unavoidable. An employee can be unfortunate to pass through an area that is unsecure. Rather than alight the vehicle to savor a cigarette smoke, one can be left with no option but to smoke in the company car.
Still stopping a car so as to receive or make a call can be personally unsafe in areas of insecurity.
Car Breakdown : A company car may get a mechanical hitch and one is left with no choice but to break the rule of servicing the company vehicles in approved garages only./

Closing statement: I thank everyone for giving me this rare and golden opportunity to represent our woes (our employees) to the company about the various sections that we as employees would like reviewed. It’s my hope that when the policies are reviewed, they will be fair to everyone, where no one will be marginalized under the basis of unavoidable situations. Thanks.
Jack, Hungelman. Insurance for Dummies. New York: For Dummies, 2009.

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