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Argumentative Essay

Argumentative EssayWrite an argumentative essay on one of the following prompts. Choose one of the following prompts:Topic One : Big Business and Health: Who is at fault for high rates of obesity?Topic Two : A Famous Casualty in the War on Drugs: Do the rich and powerful people, like Rush Limbaugh, seem to get lesser punishments when it comes to drug offenses? What would be the proper punishment?Topic Three: Justice and the Rich: Do we treat the rich and the poor the same way in our judicial system?Note: Please, narrow the prompts and take a position regarding above issues. For example, if you choose the first topic, decide who is responsible for obesity (individuals, fast food corporations, or both) and defend your position in the essay. Or if you choose topic three, respond to the main point of the readings: do we treat the rich and the poor the same way in our judicial system?” Make sure your thesis is related to the main themes of the essays in Reading and Writing Short Arguments. In the body of your paper, focus on defending your position by providing explanations, reasons, and different kinds of evidence, such as experts, personal examples, facts and statistics, etc. Make sure that your body does not just show problems in the writers’ arguments in the essays in Reading and Writing Short Arguments. In addition, briefly mention one counterargument and refute it; do not spend more than one paragraph on this. Focus mainly on supporting your position.Refer to at least two essays from the textbook Reading and Writing Short Arguments (from a related chapter) in your paper. You can use other sources that you find, but the reference to two essays from Reading and Writing Short Argumentsis mandatory.Just do not overuse outside sources; for example do not use five of them. Use the 7th edition of the MLA style in citations and the works cited page.Choose your essays from the following selections in Reading and Writing Short Arguments (from a related chapter): “Supersize Controversy,” “Documenting a Supersize Ego,” “There’s No Free Lunch,” “Given the Times, Radio Host Will…,” “Limbaugh May Be Off Drugs, but He’s on…,” “Limbaugh’s Private War on Drugs,” “Cry No Tears for Martha Stewart,” “Martha’s Only Crime: Acting Like…,” and “Arrogance Cooked Martha’s Goose.On the works cited page, you will cite the above essays as a selection from an anthology.In your paper, you can use the first point of view (ex. I) or the third point of view (ex. the writer) but avoid using the second point of view (ex. you, your, etc.).The essay should be typed and have Times New Roman font , size 16. The essay should be at least 1,000 words and contain the work cited page.

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