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Appreciate the role and importance of enterprising individuals in society and recognise the key skills and competences of an entrepreneur.

Assignment 2 Journal Report is an individual piece of work. You are required to evidence engagement and review at least 4 workshop activities in the light of theory and practice. A final report will comprise a synoptic overview of key learning.
Assessment weighting: 30%

There are two parts to this assignment:
• Part one – keep a record of 4 workshops activities of this module in your NILE journal
• Part two – review the evidence from the journal entries, and write a 1500 word report

Part one – Journal Log
The Journal Log is a form of digital ‘drop box’, which allows you to record and store your personal records relating to workshop activities. You can find this space via the menu to the left of the NILE site for the module (submit your work – journal log – create journal entry).

You are required to submit FOUR journal entries for 4 different workshops you have attended in this module. You may choose any four, either from this term or the one before Xmas.
For each entry (workshop), you should complete each of the following three tasks as a word document:
1. Write down 3 key points/issues from the workshop that you believe are important for an enterprising manager to know.
2. Taking the theme of the workshop (e.g. enterprising traits; team-working; creativity; project management; opportunity evaluation; etc) find a different theory, model or concept which could work well with the chosen workshop. This should not be one already discussed in the lectures or workshops. It will require you to undertake some further reading or research. Explain why that theory/model/concept would be useful for an enterprising manager and how they could use it.
3. Again, without using the examples from the lectures and seminars, identify another ‘real-life’ business situation which would benefit from the application of the workshop learning.

Please do not wait until the end of the term before starting to record your journal log. Students who do attend the workshops and make notes after each session tend to achieve the best grades. The Journal Log is merely a place to store your materials (notes, links, video clips, audio messages, etc). You can organise this as you wish … it is the modern equivalent of the traditional portfolio folder!

Part two – Overview Report (1500 words)
The second part of this assignment requires you to use, and evidence, the most important ‘learning’ from the four Journal Logs and present a report of your key findings. This should be presented as a 1500 word Management Briefing document entitled ‘Four Key Lessons for Today’s Enterprising Manager’ (again, submitted in your journal log). The audience for the Briefing is the Senior Management team of a large UK company, who are looking for ways to develop the young ‘enterprising managers of the future’ in their organisation.
This should be presented in a report format, and should include clear referencing of all sources of information, plus supporting appendices evidencing completion of the four Journal Logs (which do not contribute to the word count).

Marking Criteria
• Identification and justification of four key points (proposals)
• Discussion of practicality and application of proposals
• Clarity of communication and correct use of report structure
• Presentation of evidence of Journal Log completion (in appendices)

Learning outcomes of this assignment
Knowledge and Understanding
a) Appreciate the role and importance of enterprising individuals in society and recognise the key skills and competences of an entrepreneur.
b) Recognise the key issues facing and potential problems involved in setting up and running a business.
Subject – specific Skills
c) Develop the enterprise skills and attitudes of an entrepreneur
d) Create and develop simulated business concept and justify feasibility
Key Skills
e) Create, develop and utilise a personal learning resource in the form of module-related academic materials. (Learning to learn. Self-management)

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