Analyze the use of modern Asian history in a computer or video game.

This assignment asks you to analyze the use of modern Asian history in a computer or video game. The game must exhibit some aspect of modern Asian culture from one or more of the regions of Asia that we have learned about in class. These regions include South Asia (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.), Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, etc), and East Asia (China and Japan).

Your objective is to analyze the historical content of the game’s plot. You need to be aware of precisely WHAT historical threads are represented by the various outcomes of the game. Then you must choose one ‘event’ or situation and compare these to contemporary scholarship on that event. You are checking for accuracy, and also revealing what has been left out, compared to what we now know of the period under question.

Report Mechanics:
The report must be written in 12-point font, double spaced, and the length of the paper should be approximately 5 to 7 pages. Use footnotes to indicate information that you acquired from secondary sources. You may use MLA or Turabian (Chicago) citation styles.

As preparation for writing your analysis, follow this checklist:
1. Chose and play the game. This may take several weeks of short periods of play to fully experience the game. Take notes during and after. Be sure to be able to put in context the game’s historical premise as a whole.
2. Chose one historical situation or event that interests you.
3. Consult modern research on that period/event, and take notes on what you learn.
4. OVERVIEW: Write up a general description of the game.
5. CONTENT: Write up a description of the particular aspect you chose to focus on.
6. CONCLUSION: The final part of the write up should include a summary of what you learned through this process, and what questions came to your mind because of this exercise.

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