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Analyze the techniques for developing an effective project team.

Course Project Part 1

Submit Course Project Part 1.

Project Human Resource Management Course Project Description
Project Introduction:
A staffing plan is a major input for planning, staffing, developing, and managing teams and human resources. The plan is essential for managing various teams and completing tasks effectively and efficiently. A staffing plan is tailored to the various needs of specific projects. The information provided within a staffing management plan is determined by the project requirements and size. Creating a staffing plan that is tailored to your business is imperative to the overall success of daily business operations.
The purpose of this project is to help you understand the staffing requirements of a project and create a staffing management plan. This project will help you apply the planning, staffing, training, and rewards and recognition plans to a project scenario.
You will be judged on the quality and presentation of your work. Be sure to maintain detailed notes on the sources of information and cite these sources appropriately.
Case Scenario:

You work for a software development company called Alpha Inc. Your company recently won a contract for creating a new software program for a furniture-manufacturing company. Your company has been previously involved only in support-related projects, and this is its first venture into software development. This new project will require a cross-functional team comprising members with specific skill sets required to meet the project requirements.

You have been assigned the task of forming a team and creating the staffing management plan for this project.

The purpose of the project is to create a new software program that enables the furniture company to connect to five locations spread across three states: Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. The software program must also enable the company to remain updated about the inventory at each location.

This project is scheduled to start in the next two months and should be completed within 120 calendar days within a budget of $67,500. To complete this project, you will require a team with a wide variety of skills. The client wants the project to be staffed with specialists from various functional departments of your company. Due to this stipulation, the team members cannot be assembled at one location. The different functional groups in your company share a formal relationship and operate in their separate functional areas. They have never worked together. The entire team will require training in team building and problem solving so that the members can improve their interactions and interpersonal relationships and work cohesively as part of a team.

The vice president of sales for your company is the project sponsor and needs to be updated about the status of the project. You are responsible for the overall management of the project. The functional team leads will report to you. The functional teams involved in this project are from the information technology, administrative support, designers, and quality assurance departments. Each functional team working on this project has three members, including the team lead. In addition, the project team has one client representative, who will work with you to ensure that the final product meets all client requirements.

Course Objectives Tested:
• Analyze the role of an effective project team in achieving project goals.
• Analyze the techniques for developing an effective project team.
• Evaluate the techniques for staffing a project team.
• Evaluate the techniques for training a project team.
• Analyze the techniques for managing and monitoring team performance.
• Analyze the tools and techniques for improving team performance.
To determine if your organization can support the proposed project and ensure it is sustainable, you need to identify your human resource requirements.
In this part of the project, you will work to answer questions regarding staffing acquisition on the basis of the case scenario project size and requirements. This project part will also involve role clarification and work assignment for the case scenario project.

Develop a scope statement for this project to be included in the staffing management plan. A scope statement is the basis for future project decisions and critical to project success. Your scope statement should contain the following information about the project:
o The product
o The deliverables
o The objectives
o The project acceptance criteria

Discuss and design an activity list or a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project. Assign each activity a description and an identifier, such as a name, a code, or a number. The activity list can help the team members understand the nature of the work and the order in which it is to be completed. While creating an activity list for this project, think of the natural progression for the development of a new product and the stages of development you would follow to achieve the final results. Hint: The following is an activity list for painting a home. You can use a similar flowchart for your project activity list.
2. Based on the scenario and the activity list, discuss and create a roles and responsibilities document to identify the different roles, responsibilities, and activities of each team member. Describe each team member’s responsibilities and develop a list of activities that will be assigned to each team member. Use the following format to record the roles and responsibilities:
o Position Title:
o Role Description:
o Responsibilities:

3. Discuss the reporting structure for the project. Based on the roles and responsibilities document and the information available in the case scenario, create an organizational chart to depict the reporting structure for the project and the functional teams supporting the project. Refer to page 205 in PMBOK® Guide for a sample hierarchical-type organizational chart.
4. Use the project staffing plan template listed below. Populate Section 1 of the staffing plan.
Deliverables and Format:
Submit the updated project staffing plan template for evaluation.

Project Staffing Plan Template

Team Name:

Section 1: Planning and Acquiring

1. Project Scope Statement:
2. Project Description:
3. Activity List:
4. Members’ Roles & Responsibilities:

• Role Title:
• Role Description:
• Responsibilities:

• Role Title:
• Role Description:
• Responsibilities:

• Role Title:
• Role Description:
• Responsibilities:

• Role Title:
• Role Description:
• Responsibilities:

• Role Title:
• Role Description:
• Responsibilities:

5. Hierarchical-Type Organizational Chart:

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