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Analyze the highly complex work environment and contribute expert knowledge.

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Course Description:

This Internship course and opportunity is strongly experientially oriented and encourages students to develop their professional skills in a real world environment. This course will ensure that students combine theoretical knowledge with business, government, professional and operational methodologies, so as to expand analytic and strategic thinking capacities. It will prepare students for work in a national, international and multicultural environment. Students typically enroll in this course in their penultimate or final semester.

Course Learning Outcome:
1. Evaluate and apply knowledge gained the appropriate theoretical and/or empirical studies to a specific issue in a workplace.
2. Analyze the highly complex work environment and contribute expert knowledge.
3. Function autonomously in a workplace environment.
4. Offer leadership at the nexus of the intelligence community and national security objectives.

Attendance and Participation:
The minimum requirement of hours worked during the course of internship is 280 hours. The following table represents the minimum requirements.
Hours per Day Days per Week Hours per Week Weeks per Semester Total
Hours Total Credit
8 5 40 7 280 6

Provide Internship details

Develop logs: (7 Reports + Final Report)

The develop logs are not just Weekly Reports. These are reports of critical thinking about the activities you did that week. As well assessing the SWOT analyses you submitted in the beginning. Week-by-week report combined with analysis of the workplace and completed work.

The first develop log must be an introduction to the internship program and the student\’s personal objectives. Very briefly you should describe the following points but your focus must be on analysis of weekly activities.
1. The student must give an overview of the professional field of the organization or company, and should describe the organization and the department he/she is working/training in.
2. Must outline the company\’s management structure and describe the roles of the people in the department he/she is working in.
3. Define the aims and objectives of the organization and the department.
4. State personal objectives: What student hopes to learn from the internship?

Please see below for further information
– Company: X
– Department: Admin & Projects Department
– Supervisor Department: Follow up Section
– Supervisor position: HR Advisor

Internship proposal (describe the internship you will be undertaken)
• Monitoring projects with follow up section team to ensure guidelines are maintained.
• Using different tools for monitoring and handling different projects at a time.
• Contributing in contract negotiations relating to (Security & Strategy).
Relevance of the internship (why the internship is relevant to the degree)
Admin & Projects department is an entity that specializes in strategically planning, promoting and managing sensitive projects matching the objectives of the armed forces future needs.
Job description:
1. Driving projects by ensuring the following are carried out in accordance with the defined expectations;

A. Progress; deliverables are being completed within the baselined time scale.

B. Quality; deliverables are being completed to defined expectations, first time.

C. Regulatory; all required statutory and regulatory conditions being met.

2. Administrative support, coordination and follow up of all matters relating to the projects engaged to.

3. Participating in ensuring the development, assessment and follow-up of projects (Especially in area of Security and Strategic).
A. Contribute to strategic development program.

B. Coordinate and implement the strategic project.

Please see Documents attachments!!
1- Personal SWOT-Analysis
2- Develop Log 1
Do not hesitate to contact me if any questions or inquires occur later.
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