Analyze the functionality and utility of the Health Care System’s personal health record


The analysis and recommendations will be submitted to the instructor for grading.

In this LearnScape, you will work with Bright Road staff members to gather information about their patient demographics, and then analyze the functionality and utility of the Health Care System’s personal health record, a resource provided to their patients. Using this information, you will make recommendations on how to improve the functionality and utility of the personal health record. At the end of the LearnScape, you will meet with the marketing director to present recommendations.

You will construct an e-mail to Amit Patel and Joan Fairbanks, with a recommendation. The recommendation will include specific details on how to improve the overall functionality and utility of the current PHR system in place.

After gathering information from key team members and reviewing the PHR, it is time to write your recommendation to the Bright Roads.

NOTE: The scene is a close up of your computer screen with the e-mail application open. The “To:” section is filled with an e-mail group description “Amit Patel; Joan Fairbanks” and the subject is already filled in: “CONFIDENTIAL: PHR Solution Recommendations.”

On-screen text: Type your recommendation in the body of the e-mail below. Keep it brief – your recommendation should be 1page. Do not forget, you can use the notes you have taken throughout your interviews. Be sure to back up your recommendation with the analysis of the information gained from the team members. Also, do not forget to briefly outline the key factors to a marketing strategy: Technology, social factors, competition, and regulations.


Health Care Market Strategy (4th ed.), Chapter 4: Step 1: “Conducting the Internal/External Assessment”

Source: Consumers’ Quick Reference Guide. Retrieved from


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