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Analyze the contributions of one historical figure who contributed to the early success of the United States.

Students will write a 600-800 word paper analyzing the contributions of one historical figure who contributed to the early success of the United States. Students will be given a list of historical figures that impacted the United States from the federalist era until the Civil War and era and will be asked to pick one character that impacted the United States the most. To see the list of possible topics click here. As students develop content for the paper the following should be considered:\n\nWhat time period did the character live in and what was his/her contribution to that era?\n\nWhat contributions did the character make to the overall character of the United States?\n\nWhat primary sources can be found to substantiate your assertion that this character had a major impact on the United States?\n\nWhat do historians have to say about the impact that the character had on American History and time period in which he/she lived?\n\nDo you agree with the assertions of the historians? Why or why not? Evidence must be given to support your point of view.\n\n Assignment Requirements\n\nThe paper must be written according to scholarly standards—a well-developed thesis supported by thorough research which culminates in a definitive argument that is based on reasoning and facts rather than simple opinions.\n\nPapers must have three sources with one of the sources being a primary source. \n\nStudents must use Chicago style for source citations and students must use Chicago style footnotes. Click here to see the citation machine for citing sources.\n\nPapers will not be accepted without citation.\n\nStudents must use proper grammar along with proper spelling.\n\nOne inch margins (no exceptions). If the margins on a paper are extremely altered, the paper will be given back to the student for correction and the paper will be deducted one letter grade for each day it takes to make the correction.\n\nTimes Roman Font 12 pt.\n\n Cover page (Your cover page must include your name, paper title, and class information. Your name should not appear anywhere else on the paper. You many have the paper title as a header for every page.)\n\nAbsolutely no plagiarizing. Students caught cheating will receive an \”F\” on the paper. Plagiarism consists of copying 7 or more words of material without giving credit to the original author. Students who are caught intentionally plagiarizing in the paper by either down loading the paper off line or coping large portions of the paper from another source will receive a grade of “0”. Exemptions may be made for negligence or failure to properly reference a source. These will be judged on a case by case basis. All students are required to submit their work as a word document on canvas where it will automatically be run through Any paper which registers above a 40% mark on the website will automatically receive a grade of “F.”\n

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