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Analyze and critically evaluate the problems in using the comparative approach to international HR.

References used to research each paper should be written underneath each academic paper. Assessment Brief/ Task

The detailed requirements for this task are as follows:

International HR: Contemporary Issues

Assignment: A Portfolio of 3 Academic Papers and a Personal Reflection

1. Analyse and critically evaluate the problems in using the Comparative Approach to International HR.

2. Critically review the processes and issues when selecting employees for international assignments in emerging/developing countries.

3. Using a recent example from the media, synthesise the academic debates and the human rights issues with regard to forced labour.

You are asked to produce 3 academic papers and a personal reflection, which address the questions above. It is important that you debate and evaluate the mainstream and relevant critical perspectives; addressing the topics and debates that have been covered in the module.

To do this it is expected that you will research and review the current literature within this area of knowledge. This should incorporate a substantial amount of ranked academic journal articles as opposed to textbooks. This is an individual portfolio and should be written in an academic essay style, which should meet the relevant post graduate academic grade descriptors to gain a pass. (See assessment criteria).

All students will be expected to submit the assignment on time by e submission and it should be referenced using the Harvard Reference System. It should be written in an academic style and should not include personal views but should be based on the published literature.

Your tutor will give further advice regarding this assessment, which accounts for 100% of the final grade for this module. Your tutor will explain this in further detail and provide advice about academic writing both in class sessions and tutorials, which will be available at the end of each class. Please make sure you attend all lectures, seminars and tutorials to take advantage of this assistance.

The following information is important when:

• Preparing for your assessment

• Checking your work before you submit it

• Interpreting feedback on your work after marking.

Assessment Criteria

The module Learning Outcomes tested by this assessment task are indicated on page 1. The precise criteria against which your work will be marked is as follows:

• Content and Theory

• Secondary research

• Analysis and Critique

• Academic Writing

• Presentation and Harvard referencing

Performance descriptors

Performance descriptors indicate how marks will be arrived at against each of the above criteria. The descriptors indicate the likely characteristics of work that is marked within the percentage bands indicated.

Criteria Distinction 70-100% Merit 60-69% Pass 50-59%

Fail 40-49% Fail 0-39%

Content and

Theory Portfolio demonstrates

originality, innovation and

depth in the content and theory which is comparable to published work . In the main the portfolio is insightful and has a good content and theory in the areas identified in the learning outcomes Key theories and ideas included in the portfolio of work in an appropriate manner although not consistently across all tasks. Appropriate selection

of content /theory but

some key aspects missed or misconstrued. Lack of theory in most tasks. Does not address the assignment brief. Uses Inaccurate or inappropriate


Secondary Research Range of sources are synthesised from high ranked journals which have been thoroughly analysed and applied to the topic through academic debate. Demonstrates the ability to appraise critically the theory and literature from a variety of academic journals and other sources used to developing debate Clear evidence of evaluation and application of relevant literature. Uses comparison of authors views Contains 20 academic sources Limited number and range of secondary research

in evidence. No evaluation or comparison of the literature used. Little or no evidence

of reading and research around the subject.

Analysis and Critique Portfolio consistently demonstrates application of

theory/critical analysis

and contests the published literature through high level of debate. Engagement with critical perspectives and solid comparison of author’s views. Clear evidence

of application and questioning of theory through critical analysis. Portfolio is mainly descriptive but meets learning outcomes. There is some critical analysis but mainly explores the issues in general, showing knowledge and application. A descriptive portfolio which has very little critical analysis. Lack of evidence provide to achieve masters level work No critical thought/


to theory.

Academic Writing Mostly comparable to published literature in this subject area. Clarity of expression excellent. Consistent/ accurate use of grammar and spelling using an academic writing style. Sound academic writing in comparison to published work showing some potential. Thoughts and ideas clearly expressed. Grammar and spelling accurate and fluent Language mainly

fluent but limited in comparison to published literature. Grammar and spelling mainly accurate providing evidence of a sound academic style Meaning apparent

but language not always fluent, grammar and spelling is often inaccurate. Purpose and

meaning of

assignment unclear.

Language, grammar

and spelling poor.

Presentation and Harvard Referencing Presentation standard of the portfolio is excellent; consistent with academic protocol. Referencing clear, relevant and consistently accurate using the Harvard system Presentation overall of good standard with few errors in grammar and syntax. Referencing relevant and mostly accurate using the Harvard system. Presentation has limitations including some errors in grammar and syntax Minor inconsistencies and inaccuracies in referencing using the Harvard system Presentation is poor in structure and includes errors in grammar and syntax. Referencing present

having many inconsistencies

and inaccuracies. Structure and presentation is not of an acceptable standard including faulty grammar and syntax. Referencing mainly

inaccurate or absent.


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