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Analyse and appraise the conceptual models associated with the political, economic, social, cultural, institutional, legal and technological aspects of the marketing environment.

Part B

Having completed the individual portfolio entries, the other element of the portfolio requires you to reflect on the main lessons you have learned about the global marketing context drawing on your individual portfolio entries.

This element of 2000 words should provide:

• An informed discussion and critical analysis of the topics covered based on the lectures and seminars and also your independent research drawing on a range of quality academic sources. This should include identifying implications for global/international marketing strategy and recommendations for global marketing management;

• An explicit reflection on the key lessons for you both in terms of module content and your approach to learning. This reflection should include how you will use the key lessons moving ahead in your career.


You will need to submit a report that combines both elements using the TURNITIN AS2 – Reflective Portfolio submission point. The report should be structured as follows:

• Title page

• Contents page

• The discussion and critical analysis of the contents

• The overall reflection on the module

• References

• Appendix containing all weekly portfolios completed. Please note you can only include here the entries made in the journal as written in the journal. You should not add or edit them. If you do they will be discounted. Each portfolio entry will need to be identified by week number and topic.

Assessment Criteria

The assignment will be graded using the following criteria:

• The number of portfolio entries submitted on time and covering the four areas given – 20%

• Discussion and critical analysis of the module contents – 30%

• The depth and insight of the reflections – 20%

• Quality of the independent study and sources used – 20%

• Referencing – 10%

Formative Feedback

Early formative feedback for Part A will be provided on a class basis in week 5. This feedback will include some indications of what students need to do to improve their journal entries. No individual feedback will be provided.

In addition there will be a session about reflective thinking and writing in week 10.

Learning Objectives

This assignment is linked to the following learning objectives:

Knowledge and Understanding

b. Critically evaluate the concept and development of globalisation together with the opportunities and threats it presents.

c. Analyse and appraise the conceptual models associated with the political, economic, social, cultural, institutional, legal and technological aspects of the marketing environment.

Subject Specific skills

d. Identify and analyse the challenges of the global marketing environment in specific situations by applying appropriate frameworks.

e. Conduct informed debate of current topical issues within the global marketing environment and formulate a robust contextual analysis together with implications and recommendations for marketing.

Key Skills

f. Display reasoning, critical thinking and evaluative skills and demonstrate these effectively both verbally and in writing

Mode of working

This is an individual assignment. The University of Northampton policy will apply in all cases of copying, plagiarism or any other methods by which students have obtained (or attempted to obtain) an unfair advantage.

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