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Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton
He was born on the Island of Nevis, West Indian. His father was of Scottish origin while his mother was French. They relied on well-wishers for financial help. He was sponsored to American colonies after he wrote a letter to Royal-Danish Gazette after the readers discovered that the writer was an under-privileged teenager of fifteen. He was inspired a Presbyterian minister called Reverend Hugh Knox.
He was given a scholarship to New York to study and then proceeded to Columbia University (then King’s College)He joined military services in March 1776.His duties were to enlist,instruct,feed,clothe and make sure that his men got paid. He cared so much about his men that he wrote to New York congress to report that his men were not very good in artillery and that they were paid low. They had combat in many places among them Long Island, Princeton and White Plains. Due to his exceptional talent in tackling circumstances, he got a promotion to a Lieutenant Colonel. George Washington, saw his skills and made him his aides-de-camp on March 1977.
In Washington’s regime, he was the Chief of Staff and his duties were to deal with the information that was conducted between Congress and Washington, the rest of the Generals and the governors of the all states. He doubled as Washington’s representative in matters of diplomacy, negotiation and intelligence. Then when his term in Washington’s staff was over, he became the commander of New York Light Infantry. Under his command, his men battled the bloodiest and the bravest in U.S. history. He became a associate of Continental Congress between 1782 and 1783.He was among the officials that backed the endorsement of U.S Constitution (the only delegate from New York to sign).He was a co-writer of Fedalist Papers. He was an associate of Philadelphia Constitution Congress in 1787.He was vital in the transitory of Naval Act in 1794 and the structuring of the ‘revenue marine’ that brought U.S.Navy and U.S.Coast Guard.
He was the first secretary of U.S.He formed credit facilities. He was a supervisor to United States Mint. His life was terminated after a fight with Aaron Burr. He is appreciated as the grand philosopher who upgraded the U.S economy.

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