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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein was born on 14th March In 1879 by Hermann Einstein (a salesman-cum-engineer) and Pauline Einstein. He could be said in one way or the other to be inspired by his father and uncle, both of whom had initiated a company (Elektrotechnische Fabrik J. Einstein & Cie that manufactured direct current electoral equipment .He was born at a place called Ulm, in Wulterberg in Germany. In his birthplace, he was taught Judaism. When he was a great fan of classical music and his hobby was playing violin He was a theoretical physicist who is greatly honored and credited for having invented the general relativity theory .The theory has greatly molded the current physics. Most notably, he is credited for having discovered the law that is used I the photoelectric effect, which in turn has greatly modified the theory of quantum that is used in the various fields of physics. He was awarded with a Nobel Prize for the discovery of the photoelectric effect, but, he is known far and wide for the impeccable work that he did and brought to our senses, The Special and General Theories of Relativity. He was a ‘school-hopper’. His first school that he attended was Litpold Gymnasium in Munich where he was interested in learning mathematics, most notably the calculus. When his parents shifted to Italy and he joined his next school, Aarau in Switzland.He graduated from the school and secured himself a vacancy in Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich where his main vision was to be a lecturer of both subjects of mathematics and physics. He cunningly evaded the Swiss Military Service with the reason that his feet were flat and he suffered from varicose veins. When he was offered a position at the Swiss Patent Office he used to squeeze time and it’s at that moment that he accomplished most of his work. He achieved his doctor’s degree three years earlier in, 1905, prior to his publication of the publication of a thesis, on a new determination of molecular dimensions. He was offered another position at Privatdozent in Berne.Unbelievably,he was offered another irresistible position of Professor Extraordinary back in one of the schools where he was educated, in Zurich. Luck was very much on his side because two years later, in 1911,he elevated the ranks of appointment to become the Professor of Physics at Prague. The same school where he had held the position of Professor Extraordinary poached him and he was elevated to the same vacancy. Three years later, he was elevated again to the position of being the Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Physical Institute and Professor in Berlin University. When he shifted agai9n to America where he domiciled, there was a mighty swing on his luck pendulum as he was offered the position of Professor of Theoretical Physics at Princeton. Wherever he went was a haven of luck. When he went back to Israel, he teamed up with Dr.Chaim Weizmann and founded the Jerusalem Hebrew University.
Earlier, when he had been at the Swiss patent office, he has done an impeccable quantity of theoretical physics publications.
The accomplishments of Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein shared his knowledge and perception about the make-up of light. He proposed that light has got detached and self-regulating energy particles that can be held in comparison to the gas particles. In his paper, he proposed that something that the particles of the energy, which he termed as energy quanta, could be used to lay in clear terms the field that was researched by physicists who were studying experimentally: in this, he lay in stark terms the process under which electrons ar5e bounced off the metal surfaces. There was another kinetic energy theory and he came up with an idea how the theory could be experimental.”…were you to suspend visible particles in a liquid medium, the irregular bombardment by the liquids’ invisible atoms are obliged to cause the suspended particles to carry out a random jittering dance. The one observing is supposed to see that through a magnifying object, like a microscope…the similar way that a random dance of microscopic particles had been observed to behave in the past…” (Albert)The main contribution that Albert Weinstein did was strengthening the kinetic theory, as in the basis under which the paths that were taken by the atoms could be figured out. He called the light particles photon of which is the caliber of the frequency of radiation. By doing so, Albert Einstein had brought to an end a tale that was more than three centuries old that light energy was a manifestation of continuous processes.All of his impeccable experiments were thrown in the dustbin on unacceptance.Not even one person accepted, it was meant only for him, invented by him and unfortunately, for him. Ten years later, there was an American physicist, Millikan Andrews Robert, who put Albert Einstein’s proposal to experimental test. Gosh! Andrews couldn’t hide his astonishment when he discovered that it was absolutely true!
Robert’s theory of relativity: Albert Einstein wrote another thesis in 1905 that he aptly named, “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies” that proposed about the relativity theory, something that had foxed great natural philosophers like Isaac Newton. However in this processes, there lacked postulates that would support his evidences, and so he was on the league alone. The concepts that were proposed by Albert Einstein were out of kilter with his colleagues’ thoughts and they greatly made critics to him…”Most of Einstein’s colleagues felt that these (read Albert Einstein’s) were misguided.” During the major development of physics in, the field of matter, that occurred in the early and mid 1900’s employed one of his theories: the quantum theory .In the theory there was the proposal of what Einstein had termed as wave-particle duality.
The impact of Albert Einstein today. Even though Einstein died, his proposals, ideas and theses didn’t die with him. The theories that he proposed are the ones that continue his legacy. It may not cross our minds the significance of Albert Einstein’s theories we use them in our daily basis. His concepts have greatly been used in the boom of new technologies and we encounter them everyday. Examples are: the digital cameras that we used to take photos, the VCD players, the television, the CCTV,the new era computers, the scanners that are used in the shopping malls, the GPS that most of there vehicle owners use to steer them through traffic among others. Without the GPS, the water vessels would have complications navigating .Einstein’s theory of relativity, is used when positioning earth satellites in the space. He made the Einstein refrigerator. Some people also claim that he made the atomic bomb.
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