Al-Rafa’i mosque in Cairo, Egypt

Topic: Al-Rafa’i mosque in Cairo, EgyptPaper details:Research Report: In this part, you will write your Building Descriptive & Research Narrative of 400-word, in which you will:1-Describe the building’s formal and spatial character (what does it look like, what are the different components, and how does it function spatially) THE BUILDING ISALRAFA’I MOSQUE IN CAIRO.2-Discuss the cultural, social and political contexts; material and structural technology; relevant precedents and influences3-Explain why and how you relate to it (from Part 1a), where you would like to place your historic building and why you have selected the particular site. iT’S RELATEDTO ME BECAUSE OF THE ISLAMIC HERITAGE. I WOULD LIKE TO PLACE THE BUILDING NEXT TO THE LIBRARY WHICH IS ON THE CENTRAL OF OUR CAMPUS.4-Include a formatted Bibliography, images, drawings and diagrams to support your description, discussion and explanation. Your research should primarily be conductedusing the University of Maryland and Enoch Pratt Library systems. At a minimum, works cited should include three (3) books sources and three (3) journal articles. Allsources should be properly quoted and cited (MLA or Chicago style). This part of your research should use primary sources

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