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Agricultural History in South Asia

Agricultural History in South Asia
Agriculture in India : In India, the early forms of farming that entailed the husbandry of plants and taming crops and animals dates back to the 9000BC.When the people started rendering settled life, they started becoming innovative in agricultural as they developed new equipment and other far much better farming methods. Due to the monsoons that occurred biannually, the trend of harvesting crops biannually started. It was due that time that Indians regarded the plants and animals as they backbone of surviving and they started not only adoring them but also adorning them. At the world historical time that is referred to as the middle ages, naturally flowing water was tapped and diverted into irrigation waterways. The first initial crops that were tamed were barley, wheat and jujube but cotton followed later. Rice originated and was cultivated in the regional areas of Kashmir and Harrapan. As by 2BC.Among other fruits that were domesticated were peas, sesame, mangos and muskmelon. A helical trail places the origin of sugarcane in South Asia. The first animals to be domesticated were goats, elephants and sheep. The method of storing the surplus harvest in granaries was invented.
Agriculture in ancient Pakistan: Like its South Asia counterpart, India, the first animals to be tamed were goats and sheep. Similar to India the ancient Pakistan started with wheat and barley husbandry. Later on the Middle Ages, other plants that were domesticated included dates, jujubes, and einkorn and emmer wheat. Similarly to India, the surplus harvests were stored in granaries. The ancient Pakistanis started irrigating their farming fields at around 3000 BC at a period that is referred to as, the Indus Valley Civilization. Present research place Pakistan as in the caliber of the global largest producer and exporter of farm produce inclusive of sugarcane, wheat, onion mango, cotton, chickpea, and oranges among others.
Sports History in South Asia
Sports in India: Due to what the Hinduism aptly describes as dehvada, sports in India were an epitome of self-realization. Therefore, self rescue was realized via what they Hinduism terms kaya sadhana of which can be described as bodily aptness. The earliest forms of sports were practices at around 2000BC with the discovery of toran and chakra that are pegged to have been in handy during the Indus Valley civilization. The bodily aptness customs were steamed by religious rites. The areas that were anticipated to be participated in the ancient India were athletics, throwing arrows (archery), hunting expeditions, fights, swimming among others. There were also animal fights among them ram-fighting, quail-fighting and fights that entailed cocks. There were traditional games such as chaturang .Some modern games such as chess, polo, Judo, karate, ludo (Snakes and Ladders) have their origins in India. Other games that have their origin in India are poker, blackjack and baccarat.
Historical sports in Pakistan: the recreational games practiced in Pakistan are similar to those that were played in ancient India. The reason behind this similarity is that India and Pakistan was one block of a country (and the traditional games were spread after the Indus Valley Civilization before they came to be split later by the British administration. However, there was one specific kind of game that was dominant in Pakistan only: dice. This revelation came after archaeologists discovered a gargantuan piece of dice that had twenty faces. The dice that was found is estimated be played at a city that is estimated to be over four millennia old. In the recent past, Pakistan has basked in the limelight for being the champions of cricket. This game can be traced to Pakistan. Other games that fall into this category of Pakistan games include: Larroo, Kissa Kali Kali, Angay, Gangay, Cheendro, Teeki, Maya, Katcha Gotey and Karkhai. Other present games that are played in Pakistan include: squash, hockey, polo, baseball, billiards and snooker, kaying and canoeing, boxing, bridge, and Frisbee.
Historical Politics in South Asia
Politics in India: ever since the time immemorial India was divided under castes (social status).Dating back to the Verda era, the Indian evidence that supports the claim that it was ruled by an administration that was not based on monarchy, there is to have a dozen republican strategies that were in dominant during the Buddha era that is pegged to have been around 600 BC to 200 AD. There were kings of wars who controlled India. At around 300BC, there was the introduction of Mauryan Empire that commandeered India with an administration based on hierarchy in south and d north India. Gutpa Empire was introduced at around 400AD which administrated using a decentralized government that used area and local officer’s .There a form of government based on republic principles in North West India. There the geographical borders that were referred to as janapadas that were commanded by a population that were warriors. At around 4BC,a huge potion of India was ruled by an emperor, Ashoka. In 11BC, North India was commanded by dynasties whom ranged from Tughlaqs and Lodhis by were later toppled by the Mughyal empire.
In Pakistan: the Portuguese are dated to have reached in India at around 1500 and it was followed by Britain later followed and the latter introduced the legal and administrative in the aim of brain-washing the Indians with exotic principles and knowledge from the West. It was the politics triggered by the two colonizers that lead to the splitting of the larger India into the present day India and Pakistan. There isn’t much political history in Pakistan that dates before than 1947 when it got partitioned from India. However, the country has been ravaged by internal wars and nuclear-weapons controversies. There have been dispute between India and Pakistan: Kargil Operation that has led to two wars between the two nations. Even though there have been several military coups in Pakistan, the country is governed by a democratic administration. There have been political executions like that of former president, Bhutto by General Zia who was at the helm of leadership and other political parties bans.
Geographical location
India: it’s located in the southern direction of the Asia continent (capital city is New Delhi).The nation lies at 21oN and 78oE and its area stretch to 3,287,263 km2.The main official language is Hindu. It’s bordered by Indian Ocean to the south, the Arabian Sea to the west and Bengal Bay to the east. According to census results carried out in 2001, it had a population numbering 1.027 billion people. The country has valleys, mountain ranges, dry plateaus and fertile plains.
Pakistan: Found in the Asia continent, its located at 30000’N and 70000E.It covers a mass area of 880,940 km2 and its capital city is Bangladesh. It’s bordered by China to the north, India to the east and Iran to the west. The main official languages are Urdu and English. It’s characrerize3d by a population of more than 170 million people.

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