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A letter of recommendation

A letter of recommendation

Simon Simmons,
Boston Paediatric Hospital,
P.O Box 43647

To The Human Resource Personnel,
West Boston Dental School,
P.O Box 234571
Dear Sir,
Re: Employment in the dental school.
I humbly write this letter to your office, recommending the credentials that one of our voluntary workers submitted to your school in the hope of joining the dental school as a teacher.
He has lent us his voluntary service at the Boston Paediatric Hospital and his experience in the dental career spans nine years. He used to attend to wheel-chair bound patients both children and an adolescents with assistances such as wheeling them to their desired places and morning walks to the hospital garden. He also had a self-obligated duty to see to it that the patients had their medical prescriptions and adhered to them appropriately. Nevertheless, he used to show around new and visiting patients around and console the patients who viewed their personalities as blown to smithereens and as ‘invalids’. More specifically and remarkably, he basically used to play with the children in the playroom and it is by his character that he portrayed in that field that I can say proudly he had a soft spot for children: he took them as if they were his own. I have watched him on many occasions as he lends out his voluntary services and I have found out that he doesn’t base his voluntary work under any racial discrimination, gender, religion or any prejudice whatsoever. Also, he doesn’t classify the various patients with their status in the society. He regards with due respect everyone even to those in the lower drawers (low societal class).I have watched many come and go but few if any, have accomplished that latter fete.
He spent a lot of time here and prior to his desire, he wants to focus his sincerity of volunteering .His vision and mission is to portray to the entire world that he is a bright person. Perhaps the two adages that were coined,”like father like son” and “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” applies here too. His father portrayed the same sincerity in the voluntary service though he did it for a shorter time compared to this applicant. The hospital that his father had volunteered to is Boston General Hospital, by then called Community Hospital. By then, I was a paediatrician attaché at the hospital and comparing the dedication that this applicant worked in Boston Paediatric Hospital and that of his father, I can deduce that the one portrayed by this applicant has its own calibre: unique.
As I wrap up this recommendation letter, I can chip in that with the remarkable fete that he portrayed here, he can interact remarkably well and also communicate perfectly well with the other patients. Even while he was here, he used to figure the needs of the young patients who were too scared or helpless on how to voice out their needs. I greatly hope that his extra-ordinary dedication and sincerity in the voluntary services will pay dividends in his desires, portray the personality and character that he seems hell-bent to exhibit. Boston Paediatric Hospital shall feel deprived of a dedicated and selfless person (though we can not nag him to stay) and I hope very much that he shall join the other volunteers and together they shall take the voluntary work service in your school in a fast ebb tide.
Thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely,
Simon Simmons.
Voluntary Service Director.

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