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A Golden Promise Propaganda and the New World

A Golden Promise Propaganda and the New World
Thesis Statement: I am a person getting in the world
My History
I’m a young guy male. My parents, two siblings and I used to live in Uptown, Illinois when I was in grade school. When I was enrolled in grade school, my first grade teacher was Madam Juliette and she was my favorite teacher because she molded me in understanding the basic education, both alphabets and numbers.
I have a pet by the name Katy. I can remember vividly my childhood address was 2130, Illinois, and our home bordered a police station. I went Uptown Grade School. My life in school was very nice and it had as many pupils and teachers but the memory is hazy and episodic and I cannot remember the classmates rather than Jones, my childhood friend and Madam Juliette. Unfortunately, I lost contacts with them when we relocated to New York. Our family celebrated holidays by visiting our mother’s matrimonial home upcountry. I was 11 when my family purchased a big box that I came later to know was a television. My favorite childhood game was hide-and-seek but later in life, came to learn football.
Are you a pilgrim or a stranger?
I am a pilgrim of Christian religion. Christianity is said to have started in Antioch and spread to other places. Sponsored by our Protestant church, we travel greatly all over the world, from town to another preaching the gospel.
Are you a witch?
The black race, like people from Haiti, many African-Americans who were brought to America as slaves and most notably the Africans practice witchcraft. Even though I’m of African-American origin, I detest this practice as it is connected with bad practices such as offering sacrifices to the spirits. Perhaps as a punishment from the Supreme Being for their voodoo, much of Haiti was destroyed by a gargantuan earthquake.
Are you a leader or a follower?
I am not a leader but I am a good follower. However, I don’t follow the person who leads rather the principles of the leader. Some sources like the thesaurus give the synonyms of follower as disciples, supporters or upholders. The next reason why am a follower is because it is not everyone who can be a leader since there isn’t sufficient room. As a follower, I have developed reliability and motivation (Kamalipour Yahya, 2004).Leaders are the frames but followers are the building materials so without followership, there could be no kingdoms because everyman could be for himself. I am a follower of another person’s principles but deep in my soul, I’m my self-leader.
Are you stronger religious or not religious
Yes. I’m religious but it is not very extreme stronger as like as good listener and follower in my faith and beliefs. Sometimes I find myself going against the very beliefs or the teachings of my faith. The real issue is not whether one can be stronger religious but the need for one to follow the teachings of Holy Books (whether Holy Bible or the Holy Quran).A weird idea? Well, here’s the rub of it! Some real adherents of the Holy Quran, such as Taliban fighters, Al Qaeda and Al Shabaab are the most perpetrators of the sanctity of human life. The pernicious acts that they commit on innocent civilians under the guise of holy wars, Mujahedeen leaves one wondering whether the teachings really condemn those acts or not. An age-old adage sums it all, “actions speaks louder than words.”

Kamalipour Yahya, S. N. (2004). War,media,and propaganda: a global perspective. Oxford: Rowman & Littlefield.

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