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Global Warming (argumentation)
Global warming is the escalating of the standard temperatures on the world, both on the world’s air that is near the surface and the large water masses (oceans) as in from the middle of the twentieth century and the escalating continuance. There are several factors that contribute to global among them: greenhouse gas emissions (using combustible energy resources such as fossil fuels that emit chloroflorocarbons; and also other activity practices such as deforestation.)
Since the days of the Swedish scientist,Svante Arrhenius, that is as back in the sands of time in 1896,when his findings about global warming were greatly criticized, the current scientists have greatly honored Svante’s foresight.Svante’s claimed that the use of carbon dioxide emitting fuels would in future(figure it out as now) would render to an increment in the level of typical temperature on the experienced then.Nowadays,the agonizing effects as a result of the escalating consumption of chlorofluorocarbons can be fathomed. The emission of the gases produced by industrial plants. This is global warming in the hands of unscrupulous being. There was a hero who did remarkable work to create awareness about the effects of global warming on Mother Nature. The hero, the ex- vice President under Bill Clinton’s regime, Al Gore, sacrificed himself and wrote a book titled,” The Time to Act is Now.”The heart touching eye opening words in his book can take the horrible reproof from my words towards those that refute that global warming is real”…global warming must be understood what it is: a planetary emergency that now threatens human civilization on multiple fronts. Stronger hurricanes and typhoons represent only one of the many new dangers as we begin what someone has called “a nature hike through the Book of Revolution.(Al Gore, page 617)Al Gore vividly points out that”… last year, the science books had to be rewritten. They used to say that, “It’s impossible to have a hurricane in the South Atlantic.”…the first one last, in Brazil, Japan also set an all-time record for typhoons last year: ten.The previous was seven.”
Al Gore then focuses on temperatures.Here,he drives the point home,”… this summer, over two hundred cities in the U.S broke an all-time record last year.Reno,Nevada,set a new record with ten consecutive days over a hundred degrees…Tucson, Arizona…thirty nine consecutive days above a hundred degrees …Mumbai, India received thirty seven inches rainfall in a day nipping at the bud a thousand lives.(page 618).Al Gore’s cry literally raises the ghost of Svante Arrhenius’ cry,because the Swedish scientist had voiced the same opinions, the only difference being that in Al Gore’s case they can be witnessed.
Even the scientists worldwide there are pushing forward the mission started by Svante Arrhenius”…global warming is real, it is already underway ,and the consequences are totally unacceptable…because the relationship between humankind and the earth has been utterly transformed…quadrupled earth population and the current power of technologies…set an altitude that it’s OK to ignore scientific evidence-that we don’t have to take the responsibility for the future consequences of present actions…this violent and destructive collision between our civilization and the earth.”(Al Gore, 619).The Al Gore’s book is unrelenting, “with Hurricane Catrina, the melting of the Arctic ice cap and careless ecological mayhem…a period of consequences. The monsoon regions of Southeast Asia may be vulnerable to both floods and droughts
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