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2. Explain the difference between existing customers, target markets, and stakeholders for an acute care community hospital

Administration Press.
Please write up 150 to 200 word count for questions 1-7; # 27 It’s an essay (700 word count),Must choose 2 Health Care Products Advertisements .Your initial response should include detail that combines the textbook – Health Care Information Systems and with your personal experience/ knowledge. Cite/ References work. Do not plagiarize!
1. There are the four Ps in marketing referred to as the marketing mix, and they are the controllable variables that are used to pursue a desired level of sales and which are; production, price, place, and promotion. There are many variables that go into marketing. Things such as the needs vs the wants of the customer is one of those important variables. Most health care organizations have been categorized by a non market driven culture. The planning process for a non market drive culture such as health care starts with the defining the mission and goals, then moves onto a strategy and formulation, next is the implementation, and then finally the market. For example, the marketing to get consumers to sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act:
Production – HHS developed a site that would house health care insurance information and prices.
Price – This product is free for consumers to use. I believe all of the marketing inside the site is general and does not sway in any companies favor. Place – The Internet is the location for this product.
Promotion – EVERYWHERE! The Affordable Care Act was marketed in every avenue; on line, on television, social media and in health care facilities around the United States.
This was a major publicized product and it was done well – minus the website issues of course.
Can anyone give other examples of the 4P’s?
2. Explain the difference between existing customers, target markets, and stakeholders for an acute care community hospital.
3. What makes a marketing campaign successful? What are some examples of successful, or unsuccessful, marketing campaigns in health care?
4. If you find you cannot afford to go to the doctors because of the cost, what are some other options available to the consumer, besides applying for state or federal programs?
5. What is the difference between a non market based approach vs market based approach?
6. You can save money by getting generics and has provided a list. But are generics really “the same thing”? If so, why are the brand name drugs so much more expensive?
7. If you get a prescription and find it costs too much, what are some of your options so that you can get the drug(s), other than applying for state or federal assistance programs?

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