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Discuss any other important and/or interesting information that you found about the plant White Oak (Quercus alba)or, in general, about its genus or family.

prepare a written report including all information listed below. Please answer in a numbered list fashion rather than trying to incorporate all material into a single essay-type report. In many cases, complete sentences are not necessary; however, for questions that ask you to discuss, please do so in complete sentences and well-organized paragraphs. You should include figures to illustrate plant appearance, geographic distribution, etc., as appropriate. Please include a complete bibliography for each report.

Your written reports should address the following:
1 Currently accepted scientific name of the plant, including the most recent approved authority
2 Synonyms for scientific name of this plant (if applicable)
3 Classification (Division, Class, Subclass, Order, Family)
4 Common or vernacular name(s)
5 Meaning or derivation of the scientific and/or common name (any info that you can find or infer from knowledge of other plant names and/or Latin syllables)
6 Growth form (herb, shrub, tree, etc.)
7 Complete description of the plant’s roots, stems, leaves, flowers (as appropriate) – Note: please put in “common” language or at least be sure that you understand all the technical terms that you use, as I may ask you about them and expect you to be able to prove that you didn’t just copy down a bunch of mumbo jumbo that makes no sense to you
8 Duration – annual, biennial, perennial (above and below ground); time of flowering (if applicable)
9 Number of species in the genus: total (worldwide), in the U.S., in VA
10 List other most similar species and/or genera that your plant resembles and discuss how to distinguish your plant from these other species/genera
11 Geographic distribution of the species
12 Habitats where found
13 Native or introduced species? If introduced, from where?
14 Discuss any other important and/or interesting information that you found about the plant or, in general, about its genus or family. Examples of some possible points of interest:
◦ Ecological adaptations to its habitat
◦ Plant/plant or plant/animal interactions
◦ Vegetative reproduction capabilities
◦ Food for humans or wildlife – parts eaten?
◦ Poisonous to humans or livestock
◦ Medicinal uses
◦ Cultivation as food crop, ornamental, etc.
◦ Agricultural weed or exotic invasive in natural areas
◦ Human uses of wood, fiber, wax, oil, etc.
◦ Rare or endangered species
◦ Disease problems or other management concerns

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