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1. Present and reflect on a case study of a natural disaster or other emergency and the response in social media

Persona draft
Class: Assignment help
In the Week 6 class, we talked about the assessment items and I had a look at some personas and provided some feedback.
We also talked about the identity map and the written component of the persona assignment.
Here is a summary of the feedback I provided on personas.
• Make your personas visual. Remember, personas are pretty heavily visual anyway, but your personas are being presented as posters, so it’s even more important they are highly visual.
• Use images or other graphic elements to convey as much of the story as possible.
• Use elements like scales, big numbers and graphs to communicate concepts like comfort and skill level, percentage of time spent on platforms and so forth.
• Use icons to indicate the social media platforms you use, rather than words.
• Make sure you include elements like:
• Pain points
• Likes
• Dislikes
• Goals
• Key quote
• ‘Type’
• Don’t forget, The Cube technicians recommend you don’t use a white background.
Remember, your task is to make a persona for a ‘type’ of social technology user based on you and your use of social technologies.
For example please don’t copy I toke it from friends

That the activity what I need you to help me with it
It’s over to you, Evens!
Complete the following activities by 11.59pm Friday 17 April (end of Week 7). You must log completion of the activity using the activity logging form in order for the activity to be recorded as complete.
Practical activity
This week, your practical challenge is to find two or three Creative Commons licensed images from a natural disaster from somewhere on the web and include them in your critical reflection post. You must make sure you correctly attribute the images!
Critical reflection activity
Respond to one of the following critical reflection prompts.
1. Present and reflect on a case study of a natural disaster or other emergency and the response in social media. You could look at the Brisbane floods in 2011 or 2013, Cyclone Yasi, or Cyclone Pam, which recently hit Vanuatu (as an aside, you should see how developed theWikipedia entry is for Cyclone Pam already). You could also look at an emergency like a siege.
2. If you were in a natural disaster, would you use social media? What for? To contact loved ones? To keep up-to-date with information about the event? What channels would you use? Link your reflections to theory.
Or you might like to respond to one or more of these more general critical analysis prompts:
1. Write a critical, analytical response to one of the readings.
2. What could be the implications of what you’ve learned from this week’s materials on your future work/research/career?
3. What did you learn about information in social media that you did not know before? Why is this worth noting?
4. Did this week’s topic prompt you to go off on any interesting tangents? Tell us about them.
You can also choose any other critical reflection topic related to this week’s materials. We suggest you run the topic past us by posting it in the Google+ Community so we can make sure you’re on the right track for your first post.

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