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1. How could a business use information technology to increase switching costs and lock in its customers and suppliers?

Complete the review assignment before the end of the module’s week.

Part 1: Answer the Module Review Questions listed below. These questions were chosen to demonstrate your understanding and help you assess your progress.

1. How could a business use information technology to increase switching costs and lock in its customers and suppliers? Use business examples to support your answers.

2. How could a business leverage its investment in information technology to build strategic IT capabilities that serve as a barrier to new entrants into its markets?

3. How could a business use Internet technologies to form a virtual company or become an agile competitor?

4. MIS author and consultant Peter Keen says: “We have learned that it is not technology that creates a competitive edge, but the management process that exploits technology.” What does he mean? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Part 2: At the end of the chapter in your textbook, read the following Analysis Exercises and complete all the questions after the summary.

#3 Competing against Free: Wikipedia Faces Down Encyclopedia Britannica (p. 74)

MGMT 221 Module Review and Analysis Exercise Rubric (2)

Criteria Ratings Pts
(Excellent – A) Identifies and (Above-Average – B) (Average – C) Identifies and (Near-Failing – D) (Failing – F) Identifies
Identification understands all of the main Identifies and understands understands some of the Identifies and and understands very
issues in question. Insightful, most of the main issues in issues in question. understands few of the little of the issues in
and Analysis of
and thorough analysis of all question. Thorough analysis Superficial analysis of some issues in question. question. No analysis 25 pts
the Main
the issues. of most of the issues. of the issues in question. Incomplete analysis of of the issues.
25 pts 23 pts 21 pts the issues. 17 pts

19 pts

(Excellent – A) Answers to questions (Above-Average – B) Answers to (Average – C) (Near-Failing – D) Answers (Failing – F)
are clear throughout. Connection with questions present some irrelevant Answers to to questions are unclear Does not
class and study material goes well information on topic etc., but very questions are and/or confusing. address the
Answers to beyond the obvious connections little; treatment goes beyond vague in places; Treatment is very questions.
among ideas; demonstrates insight obvious connections with class some irrelevant superficial; paper may be Treatment is 20 pts
and original thinking. and study material. or distracting well written but says very superficial

20 pts 18 pts information. nothing. and says very
16 pts 14 pts little.
12 pts

(Excellent – A) An (Above-Average – B) An (Average – C) An appropriate, (Near-Failing – D) There is an (Failing – F) There is no
appropriate, appropriate, reasonable reasonable strategy is attempt to solve the problem. attempt to solve the
reasonable strategy is strategy is selected and selected, but minimally Barely any strategy is applied problem. No strategy is
selected and moderately developed. developed. Uses content that could lead to an answer. applied that could lead
successfully Content knowledge used knowledge with conceptual Rarely uses content to an answer. Uses no
Strategy Choice developed. Content appropriately, with minor errors. Attempts to justify the knowledge. Attempts content knowledge. 20 pts
and Justification knowledge is used computation errors. Justifies strategy, conclusion, and/or justification for the strategy, Does not attempt

correctly. Justifies the the strategy, conclusion, answer, but the justification is conclusion, and/or answer, but justification for the
strategy, conclusion, and/or answer, but leaves only somewhat relevant to the there is no relevance or strategy, conclusion,
and/or answer to the out details. problem. connection. and/or answer.
problem. 18 pts 16 pts 14 pts 12 pts
20 pts
(Excellent – A) Excellent research into
Links to Course
the issues with clearly documented links
Readings and
to class (and/or outside) readings.

(Above-Average – B) Good research and documented links to the material read.

(Average – C) Limited research and documented links to any
(Near-Failing – D) (Failing – F)
Incomplete research Provided no
and links to any references or 20 pts
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2.5 – Assignment: Module Review 7/22/15, 18:58
Additional 20 pts 18 pts readings. readings. support of analysis.
Research 16 pts 14 pts 12 pts

Style and


(Excellent – A) Solution is presented in a clear and orderly manner so the reader can follow the flow of the solution and final answer. Chooses words for their precise meaning and uses an appropriate level of specificity. Sentence style fits audience and purpose. Sentences clearly structured and carefully focused. Almost entirely free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

15 pts

(Above-Average – B) Solution is presented appropriately, but may contain a minor error.

Reader can follow most of the steps in the solution and final answer. Generally uses words accurately and effectively, but may be too general. Sentences generally clear, structured, and focused, though some may be awkward or ineffective. May contain a few errors, which may annoy the reader but not impede understanding.

12 pts

(Average – C) Solution is presented appropriately, but contains conceptual errors. Solution is presented in an unclear manner. Scorer has difficulty following the sequence of steps. Uses relatively vague and general words, may use some inappropriate language. Sentence’s structure generally correct, but sentences may be wordy, unfocused, repetitive, or confusing. Usually contains several mechanical errors, which may temporarily confuse the reader but not impede the overall understanding.

10 pts
(Near-Failing – D) Presents the (Failing – F)
problem in an unclear manner, Does not
steps are missing or out of present the
sequence. Scorer cannot problem in a
determine a sequence of steps. manner that
Tends to being vague and can be
abstract, or very personal and deciphered.
specific. Usually contains several Misuse of
awkward or ungrammatical words
sentences; sentence structure is throughout.
simple or monotonous. Usually Awkward
contains either many mechanical sentences 15 pts
errors or a few important errors throughout.

that block the reader’s Difficult to
understanding and ability to see attach a
connections between thoughts. thought
8 pts process.
6 pts
Total Points: 100


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