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1. Explain the evolution of instructional design approaches by identifying the order in which key activities came about.

Rationale for using a Systematic Instructional Design Approach

Chapter One Objectives:

1. Explain the evolution of instructional design approaches by identifying the order in which key activities came about.
2. Identify essential characteristics of any systematic approach to designing instruction.
3. Identify some of the criticisms of past systematic design approaches and models.
4. Identify characteristics of the instructional design approach used in this textbook.
5. Compare instructional design skills of apprentice designers learning from this textbook to those of experienced designers who have been applying the skills for some time.

Content Outline:
• Foundation Concepts of Systematic Instructional Design
o Why Systematic Instructional Design? The Need for a Results-Oriented Approach.
o Evolution of Systematic Instructional Design Models: ADDIE and Beyond.
o Essential Characteristics of Systematic Instructional Design Activities.
o Current Critiques of Systematic Instructional Design.
• An Instructional Design Model to Meet Today’s Needs
o Characteristics of an Effective Instructional Design Model
o Design Model Overview
o Phase I: Analysis
o Phase II: Design, Development, and Implementation
o Phase III: Evaluation and Revision
o Summary
o References
o Exercises
Assignment Number # 1
Identify a job which you are an experienced content expert. Focus your instructional design package for this course on a specific area of the job which appears to be a problem or concern for management related to knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes. For example, when I was an employee of Bethlehem Steel, the one skill that I was not comfortable with if the job were assigned to me was splicing steel cable. We were not provided with formal training so during my off hours, I observed a supervisor splice a steel cable and discussed the procedure with him when both of us were off duty. This was just a small but important part of my future job responsibilities later as a supervisor. The problem area you identify should lend itself to a one or two hour time for instruction or training. In this assignment, identify the occupation and the specific problem that needs to be addressed in the instructional package you will prepare for this course.
Note: I worked in 2009 Secretariat , Training Center Kindergarten in Saudi Arabia, Buraydah city
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