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• Identify one or two elements (i.e. characterization, plot, setting, language, etc.) of the novel Homeland

ME3: Critical Analysis & Interpretation Assignment
For this final essay, you must complete the following steps:
• Identify one or two elements (i.e. characterization, plot, setting, language, etc.) of the novel Homeland (preferably the element that you focused on in SE3);
• Ask a Question @ Issue;
• Answer that question with a thesis statement;
• Identify one outside source and integrate a selection from that source into your paper using MLA in-text citation guidelines;
• Provide fully developed explanations to substantiate your thesis;
• Provide examples from the text as evidence to support your reasons;
• Visit the Writing Center for a 30-minute consultation during the revision/editing stage of the writing process (You must include a confirmation slip with your final paper packet. Without it, your overall score for the paper will be reduced by 15 points).
Example of the Process: A student might be interested in how the author, Cory Doctorow, examines the role that technology plays in Marcus’ life. In the novel, Marcus constantly comes across an individual or some group who uses technology in ethically problematic ways and it jeopardizes any chance for meaningful and effective communication. She notices that in our country many people feel that technological advancements are always a good thing. The student feels that Doctorow is using this aspect of Marcus’ character development to warn his readers that they need to look at these advancements from a more critical perspective. The student develops a Question @ Issue: How does Marcus’ relationship with technology reveal a larger set of problems in our culture with the ways we rely on technology? She answers that question with her thesis statement:
Marcus’ relationship with technology reveals a bigger problem in America, where people rely too heavily on new breakthroughs to improve the way they communicate with each other.
From here, the student considers all of the reasons why she feels that this is true, and begins to develop her reasoning. Then she identifies poignant moments in the book—two quotations at most—and uses those as evidence. Because of our visit to the library, she returns to the subject guide Jody showed us to identify one outside source that talks about how new computer technology is actually undermining face-to-face communication. She integrates one quotation from that source into the paper using MLA guidelines to show that this problem does indeed exist. Finally, before she completes the rough draft for the peer review workshop, she visits the Writing Center for a 30-minute session on sentence clarity, a problem that she’s been having with her writing all quarter long.
Paper Specifications: The paper must be a full 4 – 5 pages in length, and you must include one credible, outside source. You must include a Works Cited page that does not count towards the minimum page requirement. If you have any additional questions about formatting the essay, please reference the Specifications section of your syllabus.

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