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• Describe any social issues associated with the testing, transmission or treating of the Neurofibromatosis disorder

Write a paper based on a genetic disorder that interests you. Include the information to the questions below in your discussion. You MUST include your references and two references must be primary journal articles. Pick a genetic disorder that interests you – make sure it is a genetic disorder!
• Do some primary research and include general information on the disorder
• Answer the following questions in your discussion (you must address 7 of the 9 questions) What is the cause of the genetic disorder – a genetic mutation, inheritance of a recessive or dominate gene, etc.?
1. Does the trait for the genetic disorder run in families? Can you pass the gene for the disorder to your children? If so, is it more prevalent in males or females?
2. Is the disorder Dominant or Recessive – Autosomal or Sex-linked or a Mitochondrial disorder?
3. What are the statistics of the disorder in the general population? (How many people have the disorder?)
4. Is the disorder fatal? Are there treatments (or cure) available?
5. Some genetic disorders appear immediately – some have an onset later in life – which category does your genetic disorder fall into?
6. If your genetic disorder is passed to offspring – what are the chances the offspring will inherit the disease?
7. In some genetic diseases, heterozygous offspring are carriers for the disease – would heterozygous offspring be carriers for the genetic disorder? If so, would they be symptomatic for the disease?
8. Include a pedigree (if applicable) for your genetic disorder.
• Describe any social issues associated with the testing, transmission or treating of the disorder.
• To receive fill credit your paper should be well written – USE spell check and check your grammar. We have resources on campus to help with this (Writing Lab).
• DO not plagiarize any source or any other student’s work! You will not receive ANY credit
Include ALL references used – two references MUST be a from a primary journal; do not use Wikipedia as a source, include any websites you use including a direct link to all websites used as a reference
• Your paper should be 3-5 written in essay style, double spaced, and typed. The page limit does not include the references. Your paper should not be over a 12 point font!

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