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Write a paper in which you research a current social, economic or political problem, analyze the problem, and propose some viable solutions for it.

Problem-Solution Research Paper Assignment
Directions: Write a 2,000-2,500 word (8-10 pages typed, double spaced) paper in which you research a current social, economic or political problem, analyze the problem, and propose some viable solutions for it.

Content – A successful research paper will include the following:
 Reference to at least 6 research sources throughout your paper in the form of MLA formatted in-text citations. At least two of these must be print sources (not found online). You will also compile an MLA works cited page at the end of your paper.
 An extensive description of the problem, including background information about the problem, evidence that the problem exists and an analysis of its causes and effects.
 A review of the solutions that have already been implemented to attempt to solve the problem and explanation of why they haven’t solved it.
 Your proposed solution for this problem and a detailed implementation plan for your solution.
 A conclusion that stresses the importance of solving the problem you discussed and effectively closes your paper.
Additional Guidelines
Choosing a Topic:
• Current: The topic you choose must be one that currently exists and has not yet been solved.
• Scope: Your topic should be neither too broad nor too narrow. Focusing on a problem that exists in a particular country or community can help you to avoid choosing a topic that is too general. Also, the problem you choose to write about should be one that affects or could affect a large number of people.
• Grounded: Your topic must be grounded in research and not based on religious, moral or ethical views. In other words, you must be able to prove that the problem you are discussing is indeed a problem by providing scientific research to support your position.
Proposing Solutions:
• Enforceability: The solutions you propose must be enforceable; that is, they must be more than just a suggestion or a “good idea.” For example, if your solution involves creating a new law, how will the law be enforced? What will be the penalty for violating this law? If your solution involves raising public awareness, how specifically will you make the public more aware of the problem? What exactly do you want the public to do? If your solution will cost money, where will the money come from?

• Implementation Plan: You must provide a detailed analysis of all of the logistics of your plan for implementing the solution. This includes exactly how the solution will be implemented and all the steps involved, a timeframe for implementation, an analysis of any costs involved, a description of how the solution will be enforced, and an analysis of how your solution will solve the problem.
Due Dates:
 Thursday, April 30th : Research Proposal due
 Tuesday, May 19th: Annotated working bibliography due
 Tuesday, Thursday, May 28th: Research outline due
 Thursday, June 4th: 1st draft due
 Tuesday, June 16: Final draft due

Oral Presentation of Research: In addition to the written research paper, you will also prepare an 8-10 minute oral presentation for the class highlighting the key points of your research findings. You should include a visual using some form of technology such as PowerPoint, Prezi, YouTube or video clip to accompany your presentation. Oral presentations will take place June 9th through June 16th.

*Note about plagiarism: It is not difficult to identify plagiarized research essays. Submitting a research paper that is not your own writing will result in a failing grade in the course.

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