Write a literature review on a topic related to International Business.The global coffee industry and less developed countries.

the topic isThe global coffee industry and less developed countries. especially focus on Columbia or Brazil. and coffee industry import and exportThe review should NOT exceed 1500 words (excluding the bibliography) in length, and you
should review at least six recent academic papers/ books etc. related to some aspect of the topic.
Books should be published by a reputable publisher and papers should be published in scholarly
journals. Newspaper or magazine articles, papers that are only available on the internet, or
extracts from textbooks do not count. You should also consult the original references rather than
reporting other authors reports of them.
In identifying the papers/books, you should make use of the search methods described in the
Research Methods for International Business module. The work reviewed should all address a
common research topic and should not include unrelated references that just happen to have the
same key words in the title. It is permissible to focus the review on one particular aspect of the
topic rather than several different themes. Indeed it is probably better to focus the review in this
way, rather than trying to cover a too broad area.
Credit will be given for following the principles of a good review as explained in the lecture and, in particular: How well the review engages with the whole of the topic. For example, if the topic is
Leadership and Motivation in the Workplace then a review that just considers leadership
traits would not receive a good mark.
The coherence of the review in terms of relating the cited papers etc. to each other instead
of simply summarizing each one of them separately. Marks will be deducted if the review
relies too heavily on one source.
The quality of the papers etc. reviewed i.e. have you reviewed the most important
papers on the topic?
The completeness of the bibliography and the consistency of the referencing (using the
Harvard system).

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