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The Anthropology of Global Health

Module Title: The Anthropology of Global Health, Word Limit: 2,500 wordsAnswer the following questionUse ethnographic examples to illustrate your answer.1. What can rumours surrounding public health campaigns tell us about the wider context in which these campaigns take place? outcomes and assessment1. To understand the differences and similarities in the theories and methods employed by epidemiologists, biosocial anthropologists and critical medical anthropologists in the study of inequality, disease and illness.2. To analyse and critique the re-configuration of institutions involved in global health policy and the consequences that this is having for the health of populations3. Draw upon the approaches employed by critical medical anthropologists, clinically applied medical anthropologists and biosocial anthropologists to analyse the construction of contemporary global health problems such as the HIV pandemic4. Understand and apply anthropological concepts, anthropological methods and the explanations they make possible and use ethnographic evidence in relation to explanation.5. Work independently to write a critically reflective essay.Academic journals that publish articles relevant to many aspects of this module include:Cultural AnthropologyCurrent AnthropologyAmerican EthnologistJournal of Biosocial ScienceMedical AnthropologyMedical Anthropology QuarterlySocial Science and MedicineOnline SourcesA great deal of excellent material is available onlineAn overview of social inequality UC Atlas of Global Inequality: https://ucatlas.ucsc.eduMovement for global mental health: in Health: Providing a preferential option for the poor in health care: reports on the State of the World’s Children: Health Organization:’s provides a health situation analysis of WHO’s African Region online at: websites on Ebola Viral DiseaseEbola response anthropology platform: https://www.ebola-anthropology.netWorld Health Organization: readingCSDH (2008). Closing the gap in a generation: health equity through action on the socialdeterminants of health. Final Report of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health.Geneva, World Health Organization. Freely available at: P 1999. Infections and inequalities: the modern plagues. Berkeley: Univ of California Press.Janes C.R and Corbett K.K 2009. Anthropology and global health. Annual Review Anthropology 38: 167-83Last M 1999. Understanding Health. In: Culture and Global Change, pp: 70-83. Edited by T.Skelton and T.Allen. London: Routledge.Leach M 2015. The Ebola Crisis and Post 2015-Development. Journal of International Development, Vol. 27 (6) pp. 816-835Leatherman T 2005. A space of vulnerability in poverty and health: political ecology and biocultural analysis. Ethos 33 (1): 46-70.American AnthropologistAmerican EthnologistAnthropology and MedicineCulture, Medicine and PsychiatryCurrent AnthropologyGlobal Public HealthInternational Journal of Health ServicesLancetJournal of Health and Social BehaviourMedical AnthropologyMedical Anthropology QuarterlySocial Science and MedicineSociology of Health and Illness

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