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The word robot is borrowed from the Czech language, a corruption of the word ‘’robota’’. Its primary meaning in the original language defines it as working tirelessly (Bellis, 2011). The word ‘’robots’’ was first used by a novelist named Karel Capek in his novel ‘’Rossum’s Universal Robots’’ in 1921.The character’s of the robots in his novel were machines that worked tirelessly and they bore the resemblance of human though they had high-tech abilities than the present-day robots .Some robot-inspired movies like Star Wars ,with the character C3P0 together with R2-D2 or the movie Alien II which had the robot by the name Cyberdyne T1000,render the present-day robots mere stains or stranger than fiction when compared to them (Bellis, 2011).
Prior to the study carried out in 2007, the total number of robots in the world is approximately 6.5 million. These robots are used to perform activities in various factories and other mighty structured environments though that barrier was broken when they started performing day to day tasks such as vacuum cleaning and grass mowing .To show their good uses ,they are used to guide people in museums and also to assist the elderly and to guide those that are blind .In some places ,they work as security watchmen.
There are so many other uses of robots that vary both in number type and this puts two major challenges to them .One of the challenges ,is that it is very difficult for the robots to perform in very complicated chores and also their performance in strange and unpredictable circumstances (Bellis, 2011) . Nevertheless, with robots of such a high caliber it can make them useful in several fields such as medicine, in the security sector and entertainment industry .They can be used in various fields like in the research sector where the researchers believes that tracking occurs in a static place where what is being investigated is the only thing that is in the motion.

Uses of robots
In the US the robots are used in various ways among them, the improvement of programs both to attract and to retain the talented personnel. The US is able to produce complex aircraft within a short notice when there is an emergency or a period of war (Teresko, 2005). Orthopedic robots have once been used with brilliant results whereby they have been used to distal nail holes for over fifty clinical cases .Also they have been used to reduce the x-ray radiation doses and not the least to shorten the operational time. Robots are still used protect the fighters in the battle field and replace people in extreme situations like calamity-hit areas like toxic leakage area ,nuclear area just to mention but a few.
In some situations, they are of great importance since they can be used where the manual laborers may be subjected to dangerous and unhealthy working environment like where they is exposure to excessive heat or chemicals.
In a place where the workers are equipped with the assistance of robots .It can open job opportunities to those that are physically challenged or have other forms of limitations that may prevent them from performing these tasks (Teresko, 2005). The of people’s quality may improve if the robots are assigned tasks that are unpleasant or hazardous. If there is productivity increase due to the new jobs created by robotics (Teresko, 2005). It may lead to a comfortable working timetable. The would be a n increase in the computer literacy since to repair the robots ,one would or must have learnt the simple understanding of computer and therefore the workers who are technology literate would rarely oppose the introducing of robots or any automated high-tech.
It would also lead to economy competitiveness and the global impacts, it would be among the import and export of the robotics technology. They are used for oil exploration in the ocean beds and sea bed mining for space or planetary exploration. Some more advanced countries such as the U.S Air Force use robotics programs during combat like the remotely piloted vehicle (R.P.V)
They have been used to improve the safety standards of people and also mine and disaster rescues (Teresko, 2005). A good example is the anti-terror and anti-violence robots that were by for safety detection and assistance during the 2008 Olympic game in Beijing and the 2010 World Expositions in Shanghai.
Setbacks of Robots
Robots cannot be vouched for their accuracy. Teaching robots everything is a very difficult task as it is time-consuming and this makes it very long compared to if the task would be done by hand. To render them good or increase their capabilities their dynamic ability need to be upgraded (Robot News., 2008). Where the robots are used in a particular industry it could lead to the loss of labor as the factory uses a mechanized form of input and not manual. Also it could lead to the loss of skills as the people who could have worked are subjected to a mechanized form of labor input

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